Learn How to Apply Kajal on Eyes (Let Your Eyes Do The Talking)

How to Apply Kajal on Eyes
Learn about the 3 easy ways of applying kajal on your eyes perfectly.

In the name of Jesus Christ, let us affirm that by the end of this article we shall know exactly how to apply kajal on eyes perfectly.

Okay, that was an awkward welcome. Can’t hide my awkward personality behind those words! umm hmm, don’t laugh; we’re all the same, lol. But when we read or hear the word kohl (kajal). We go back to the times of ethnicities, simple sunset settings with sarees moving around, etc.

The world has moved forward and time as well, but the fashion for kohl remains as it is. For generations, Kajal has been an essential part of a women’s makeup. Bangles and henna and kajal and sounds of anklet – pure romance.

What Exactly is Kajal?

Kohl is a black powder, usually antimony sulfide or lead sulfide, used as eye make-up especially in Eastern countries. Kajal can make or break your look.

It has gained worldwide popularity among the cosmetic fam with each passing year and generation. Kajal is used on the lower eye line/waterline to give your eyes a minimal makeup effect or at times to make eyes pop out (drawing attention).

Before we get to the point where we discuss the different ways and tips to apply kajal, let us spend a few seconds prepping our eyes.

How to Prep Your Eyes Before Applying Kajal

1. Clean your skin before applying the kajal to get rid of excess oil and evade smudging

2. Use a toner/cleansing milk to help you get a neat surface or just water will work

3. If you have dark circles make sure to cover them up using a good concealer so that you don’t end up looking like a serial killer and get arrested for nothing.

4. Always…darlings always, use a good quality kajal. Because it is one product that is directly exposed to your eyes.

5. Keep it clean. Being overly generous can choke you. Don’t share your makeup, sweethearts!

6. Just like your inconsistent mood, there are types of kajal available for you to choose from- liquid kajal, powder, or just a typical kajal pencil. I prefer a pencil.

How to Apply Kajal on Eyes Perfectly: 3 Easy Ways

1. The Basic Tradition

The basic way is the safest as it’s been done a thousand times before. The method of application is simple – using the ring finger of your non-dominant hand pull down your eyelids.

The lower rim of the eye/waterline where you need to start applying kajal starting from the inner corner to the outer edge by dragging the tip of the kajal. Whether to keep it simple or dramatic depends on you, you can thicken the line according to your mood. 

2. Wing It

First thing first- We all know what a wing is but what we couldn’t figure out was how to make LHS=RHS. One word “practice”. Apply the kajal to your upper lash line gently by pressings the kajal pencil and glide it over the lash line moving towards the outer corner.

And once you reach the outer corner, draw a titled line at a 45-degree angle. Thicken the line from the mid-eye to the tip of the outer wing so that it naturally expands toward the wing and meets the wingtip at one point.

Now gently apply a fine line of kajal to your lower lash line moving from the inner corner toward the outer corner in a single motion. Then draw a curved outer edge line at the lower lash line, which should be shorter than the upper lash line wing.

3. Smokey But Subtle

Okay, I knew the previous two but this one I learned along with you.

Apply kajal to your waterline, start lining from the outer corner towards the inner corner and make sure you apply a considerable amount of kajal and if you have small eyes, apply more towards the outer corner of your eyes, also apply more towards the outer corner of your eyes.

I hope now you have learned how to apply kajal to small eyes.

Remember, I said to make your eyes pop out; in a good way that is. Then start gently smudging it using a brush, and finish it with a hint of a similar eyeshadow. Also, you can apply kajal to your upper rim for an eyeliner touch.

Personal Tip – One thing to keep in mind – if you have sensitive eyes, you can apply kohl below your waterline.

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We hope you liked our article- How to Apply Kajal on Eyes Perfectly and hope to see you soon with more fun to-do stuff.


How to apply kajal for beginners?

The basic tradition way mentioned in the article is the best way so far for beginners to apply kajal in eyes.

Where is kajal applied?

Kajal is applied on lower and upper waterline.

Is it good to apply kajal everyday?

Yeah, it's totally fine to apply kajal everyday, you just have to make sure, that you don't apply it for too long and if you do, don't forget to remove it safely.