Top 10 Health Benefits Of Sunflower Seeds

Health Benefits Of Sunflower Seeds

The Health benefits of sunflower seeds are more powerful than could be imagined. The tiny white sunflower seeds are packed in greyish striped shells. Don’t underestimate the tiny seeds that have the potential to transform all over your health and bring vibrant colors of happiness into your life.

Wondering! What nutritions does sunflower contain for your health? Okay! Let’s get ready to fall into an amazement with the omnipotence of tiny but mighty sunflower seeds.

Nutritional Value Of Sunflower Seeds per 100 grams

The amazing benefits of sunflower seeds for skin, health, and hair reside in the extraordinary nutritional value it provides us to kick start our immune system to fight pesky diseases and sickness. Get acquainted with the health-transforming nutrients of sunflower seeds I have put together for you.

Nutritions Daily Value ( 100 g of serving)


Dietary Fiber




Vitamin A




Vitamin C




10 g

23 g

0 g

3 g



2.3 g

4.5 mg

1.4 g

6.8 mg

116 mg


Maybe you’re not able to see the silver lining sunflower seeds have got for you yet. Probably, because you have just been aware of the nutrients it contains, not the benefits that will get you on cloud nine.

So, fasten your seat belt, I’m going to drive you through to the incredible sunflower seeds benefits for transforming your health, skin, and hair.

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10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Sunflower Seeds You Should Know

Health Benefits Of Sunflower Seeds

You know what? I didn’t know that sunflower seeds can do wonders for our skin, health, and hair otherwise It has always been my favorite snack. 

Well, now roasted sunflower seeds are the first thing that comes into my mind when I urge to have any lip-smacking & healthy snack. Yeah! It’s utterly delicious, you can eat it raw, roast it and even make yummy dishes with it. 

But, before you do that let’s get down to the chase and walk through the astounding sunflower seeds benefits for your health.

1. Boost Your Immunity 

Getting sick on trivial weather changes, seasonal flu, and chronic fatigue is the red flag of a drastic decline in immunity. Now, the question is how do you boost up your immunity so that your body becomes capable of fighting off lousy diseases that hold you to achieve your goals.

The answers couldn’t be simpler than providing optimal nutrients to your body cells to make them robust to outpower diseases and sickness. Good News! Sunflower seeds are enriched with everything your body needs such as protein, calcium, vitamin A, C, and the powerhouse of energy called the vitamin B family.

2. Keep Your Health Healthy 

Obesity, stock, and high cholesterol leaves are surging at greater levels than ever before. Of course, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, and stress give them birth and they grow over time even stronger as long as they get a comfortable environment to live in.

But, sunflower seeds can snitch the comfort they are having fun with and reduce your cholesterol level, regulate your blood pressure at optimal phase, and make you healthy.

Yeah! Sunflower seeds contain fat, but the fat it contains is called unsaturated fat. Healthy fat that breaks down in the body and releases energy and doesn’t get stuck around your belly & love handles.

3. Control Diabetes 

Increment in blood sugar levels is risky for health. But, sunflower seeds have got what it takes to maintain the blood sugar levels at an adequate level. 

Yes! Vitamins, minerals such as zinc, copper, and antioxidants are something that works miraculously for improving type-2 diabetes.

4. Good For Weight Loss

Are you trying to shed off extra weight but the urge of retreating yourself with deciduous snacks throws water on your hard work at the gym?  

Worry not! You can incorporate sunflower seeds into your diet and recharge your metabolism & digestive system to burn calories faster.

Sunflower seeds are rich in a high amount of protein, vitamin B3, B5, and B7, and on top of that infused with incredible vitamins & minerals robust your digestive health & metabolism.

Apart from this, green tea is considered to be the easiest & healthiest way for losing extra pounds. Yes! but you need to know how to use green tea for weight loss for getting the maximum benefit from it.

5. Reduce Risk Of Cancer

Regardless of the abundance of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and protein, sunflower seeds oil benefits us with outstanding elements Beta-sitosterol and phytosterol. 

Yes! These two ingredients work amazingly to inhibit the growth of tumor or cancer cells in our bodies.

Furthermore, beta-sitosterol and phytosterol also reduce the chances of breast and colon cancer so far.

So, start incorporating sunflower seeds into your daily diet. If you don’t know how much sunflower seed to eat daily? A handful of sunflower seeds are enough to avail wonderful health benefits of sunflower seeds.

6. Makes You Energetic

Imagin! If you could be energetic throughout the day how great it will impact your work & relationship. You couldn’t be happier right! 

Yeah! I know, everyone won’t become rosy for you but you will definitely get the power to handle all kinds of stuff.

After all, sunflower seeds will infuse you with vital vitamins, minerals, protein, and good fat that keep you robust to live an amazing & healthy lifestyle.

7. Keep Your Brain Healthy

Obliviously! It won’t take away your life problems that perplex your brain with stress & anxiety. But, sunflower seeds can be tremendously beneficial in terms of providing antioxidants, and vitamin B5 to your brain cells.

Yeah! Antioxidants help to supply optimal oxygen in brain cells, and vitamin B5 keeps the cells nourished to boost your concentration power and lessen brain fog.

8.Provide You Healthy Skin

Our skin merely is a reflection of what we eat & how healthy we are. Where junk & oily food brings all kinds of problems to our skin and benefits us non. 

Sunflower seeds benefit our skin greatly by providing it with a high amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. That helps to flush off toxins, renew dead skin cells, and nourish your skin deeply.

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9. Strengthen The Hair

Pollution, excessive usage of heating tools, and harmful sun rays are taking the life out of our hair. 

Agree! Aren’t these the causes behind horrific hair fall, and stubborn dandruff, and fragile hair we are forced to live with? 

Well, the great thing is you don’t have to accept it. Because, you can get stronger, shinier, and softer hair with the incorporation of sunflower seed in your diet.

Sunflower seeds will provide your hair optimal protein, vitamins, minerals, and an immense amount of fatty acids to marinate your hair in nourishment and blossom with soft, shiny, and stronger strands.

10. Great for Detoxification

Sunflower seeds are blended with a considerable amount of antioxidants, vitamin C, and A. These outstanding vitamins help to kill bacteria, germs and flush toxins from your body.

So, only the good kinds of stuff are allowed inside of your body as long as you let the sunflower seeds reign your body and avail the amazing benefits of sunflower oil for your overall health.

There you are! Now, you’re familiar with the incredible health benefits sunflower seed has for you. I know! You might have some doubts if sunflower seeds have any downside or not.

It’s my responsibility to clarify your doubts, so let’s walk through with me to find out if sunflower seeds do any harm or not.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Sunflower Seeds?

Side Effects Of Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower will only give you benefits as long as you consume it in a proportionate amount.  ⅓ or ½ cup of sunflower seeds is enough for getting optimal nutritional value. 

Besides, some individuals are reported to be allergic to sunflower oil and cause fever and itchiness in the mouth. If you experience any of these symptoms. You shouldn’t consume it. 

In addition to that, sunflower oil contains a high amount of phosphorus and potassium that is meant to be taken in adequate amounts. So. don’t overdose on it otherwise it can have adverse effects on kidneys.

Conclusion: In this article, I have familiarized you with the extraordinary health benefits of sunflower seeds, as well as clarify its side effects. I hope you loved the article and include it in your diet to have peak health, skin, and hair benefits.