Best Facials For Acne: Professional & At Home

Best Facials For Acne

Painful red pesky bumps on the skin called acne rob your peace, time, and beauty. When you have it, all you think about is how to get rid of acne faster. Isn’t it? Therefore, in this article, we have put together some of the best facials for acne that help to deep clean skin, kill acne-causing bacteria, and reduce the appearance of stubborn acne scars.

Hormonal imbalance, stress, oily skin, and an unhealthy diet are some of the main causes of acne. Therefore, facial alone is not gonna help to get rid of it. But, changing some lifestyle & diet habits along with regular acne facial treatment will reduce acne for sure.

So, first, be conscious of what you eat, stop touching your face, use skincare products formulated for acne-prone skin, drink optimal water, and get these best facials for pesky acne & larger pores have mentioned below.

Best Facials For Acne: Professional & Natural  

Whether you are looking for professional help or seeking home facial treatment, you can do it all by yourself. You’re at the right place for the best information. We have divided the type of facial treatment for acne into two categories. So that you can discuss with your aesthetician and get your acne facial done at home with home facial kits or natural ingredients. So, let’s dive in.

Professional Acne Facial Treatment:

Professional Acne Facial Treatment:

1. Microdermabrasion 

Microdermabrasion treatment is done by a dermatologist. This is the most effective and faster way to get rid of acne. In this treatment, the upper layer of skin ( epidermis ) gets peeled off. One session takes around 30-40 minutes to perform, and after every session, you can notice significant differences in your skin appearance. For treating whiteheads, blackheads, acne, and scars microdermabrasion treatment works best.

2. LED 

LED treatment is also performed by a dermatologist by a LED machine. The machine combines 3 led lights red, white, and blue for targeting different issues. Red light boosts collagen production, white light refines the skin tone, and blue light kills acne-causing bacterias. This is how this laser treatment works for revitalizing your skin & reducing acne.

3. Skin Brightening Treatment 

For getting this treatment either you can opt for a dermatologist or a beautician. It is done by layering your skin up with chemical peels, serums, and vitamin C. Don’t try to perform it at home. Only dermatologists & beauticians know the right way & amount to use these chemical peels according to your skin. If you would ask me, which facial treatment is best for acne scars?

My recommendation goes to skin brightening treatment. It removes dead skin cells, and the upper layer of skin, and lightening the skin tone & scars faster.

There you are familiar with the three best professional acne facial treatments, select the best one that works best for you. And, don’t forget to discuss them with your beautician & dermatologist before getting them. 

Now, we’re gonna share some of the best facials for acne-prone skin that you can do at home. Apparently, it works for mild acne if you do it regularly.

Facial Treatment  For Acne At Home:

Facial Treatment  For Acne At Home

Here you are, getting known to the acne facial steps at home. Either you can use an acne home facial kit or combine natural ingredients we suggest to perform this ultimate acne removal facial.

Steps To Do Acne Facial At Home:

  • Cleanse: Cleaning up impurities and opening up pores are essential for any beauty treatment. Acne-prone skin tends to be oily. So use a mild cleanser for oily skin. Rub it gently on your face, or wash your face two times to remove oil, and impurities from your skin.
  • Steam: Benefits of the steaming face are excellent for all skin types. It helps to deep cleanse & unclog skin pores. Use a vaporizer or simply boil water, and cover your face with a thick towel to get the steam on your face. Do it only for 5-7 minutes.
  • Exfoliate Skin: When it comes to skin exfoliation, facial scrub is the only thing that comes to mind. But, rubbing harsh particles on acne-prone skin can make it worse. So, rub chemical exfoliators like alpha or beta hydroxy acid for 30 seconds and wash it off with lukewarm water. Or if you want to use natural ingredients. Make a paste of 1-1 tbsp ground coffee and turmeric powder with water. Apply it gently on your face, leave for 15 minutes, and rinse off.
  • Apply Face Pack: Either you can use a purchased facial mask with ingredients like tea tree, green tea, salicylic acid, or neem facial mask. Or for making a natural facial mask for acne combining honey and turmeric together, apply it on the face, and leave for 30 minutes. And rinse off with warm water. ( the reason honey & turmeric works best for acne face masks is, honey, contains enzymes, natural healing & skin lightening properties, plus, turmeric is an excellent exfoliant, skin lightening & brightening ingredients, and great for reducing inflammation, and kills bacterias on the skin.)
  • Apply Toner: After rinsing off the face pack, pat your skin dry, and apply a non-alcoholic toner for oily skin using a clean cotton ball gently on your skin. ( it helps to protect open pores from bacterias, and impurities )
  • Moisturize Your Skin: Even though your skin is oily, moisturizer is essential for maintaining the right PH balance on the skin. Always use non-comedogenic, lightweight, non-oily & greasy water-based moisturizer for oily skin. And, after applying it, give it a few seconds to let it absorb into your skin.
  • Apply Sunscreen: Using sunscreen is essential in the daytime. Harmful UV rays deteriorate skin tissue and aggravate breakouts. So, always wear a lightweight, non-oily & greasy sunscreen for oily skin whether you’re inside at home or office or out in the sun rays. Make it a priority to have problem-free beautiful skin.

So, now you know how to do a facial at home all by yourself. Choose the right facial kit for acne-prone skin and do it once every week or 15 days for best results.

Conclusion: Should I do a facial on my acne-prone skin. If yes! Which facial will work best for acne-prone skin are some of the questions people suffering from acne find hard to make a decision. Well, probably using the wrong ingredients on acne-prone skin is going to make the situation worse than to solve. 

Therefore, we have researched various facial treatments and featured the best facials for acne that actually help to reduce acne for you. I hope this article helped you to choose the right facial for treating your acne. If it did. Don’t hesitate to share it with your buddies who’re dealing with stubborn acne.