10 Best Vegetarian Diet For Gaining Weight

Vegetarian Diet For Gaining Weight

They say, I wish I could be as lucky as you, no matter what or how much you eat you don’t have to be anxious about gaining weight. But, deep inside of your heart only you know how intense your desire of gaining weight is. And, being a vegetarian makes your weight gain aim even harder. Fret not! We got you covered with an effective vegetarian diet for gaining weight.

Isn’t it surprising? Where some people constantly strive to lose weight, do exercise, and skip their favorite food. On the other hand, some folks do nothing to get unsolicited skinny bodies.

This is the game of different metabolic rates, calories a person needs per day, and functions of the digestive system. If you intake more calories than your body’s calories burning capacity you will eventually gain weight. 

Therefore, we have compiled the best weight gain diet plan for both females & males to help you attain a healthy weight. So, scroll down to discover delicious healthy food for weight gain.

10 Best Vegetarian Diet For Gaining Weight Ideas 

Not optimal calories, but we want you to be as fit as fiddle, and as quick as a cat. And, for this reason, we have put together the best nutritious food for gaining healthy weight, boosting energy, and improving your immunity.

If you’re thrilled, get ahead to learn how to gain weight fast with delicious healthy foods.

1. Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are an excellent source of healthy fat, vitamins, minerals, and many more micronutrients. Besides, it is also infused with natural sugar that helps in weight gain without increasing your blood sugar, if you take it with a good source of protein.

Make your cereals, yogurt, and milk even tastier by adding dry fruits to it. Or you can also have a handful of soaked black raisins as a snack any time during the day. And, if you aren’t familiar with the benefits of eating black raisins for your health yet, you must check it out.

2. Avocado 


Utterly Butterly delicious avocado contains outstanding nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and a rich amount of omega-3 fatty acids. It’s high in calories, healthy in nutrients, and delicious in taste. And, either you can cook different avocado dishes, or drink luscious avocado weight gainer shakes infused with dry fruits and protein to put on a healthy weight.

3. Peanut Butter, Nuts & Seeds 

Peanut Butter, Nuts & Seeds 

A great option for acquiring a healthy weight. Peanut butter is rich in high calories, protein, vitamins, and minerals and is easy to make for busy people. You just have to spread some peanut butter on toast or bread and there you’re ready to have monounsaturated healthy fat, nutrients, and calories in your breakfast.

Besides, healthy snack choice matters a lot in following the best weight gain diet. And, nuts & seeds are the best options for it. Considering, nuts and seeds are loaded with protein, fiber, and an abundance of fatty acids that help to put on healthy fat faster.

Well, if you’re looking for a healthier & delicious snack, try pumpkin seeds and have it roasted, raw and enjoy it in healthy salads and soup. And, avail incredible health benefits of pumpkin seeds.

4. Rice 

Rice Meals

Meals made up of rice are incredibly cost-effective ways to gain weight. Rice is rich in calories, carbohydrates, and minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, selenium that helps to gain weight gradually.

There are a lot of options available in rice meals that make it easy to include rice in your weight gain diet plan for vegetarians. So, enjoy your calories & nutritions-dense rice to gain weight.

5. Bananas 


Keeping up with healthy food is not easy when your schedule is packed. Preparing meals takes time, and in order to gain weight, you need to intake calories timely during the day. And, you literally can’t spend your bulk of time in the kitchen.

Well! You don’t have to, because bananas allow you to have calories & nutrients any time you want. It is rich in calories, vitamins, and minerals that help provide you calories & boost energy.

6. Olive Oil 

Olive Oil For Cooking

Switching vegetables to olive oil will deliver great health benefits, and also helps you to gain weight. Olive oil is rich in fatty acids, calories, vitamins, and minerals. Using it for cooking will make your food delicious, and provide you with indispensable nutrients that help to gain weight.

Besides cooking you can also swirl a little bit of olive oil into your shakes & smoothies to make them even healthier, and enjoy a diverse vegetarian diet for gaining weight every day.

7. Sweet Potatoes 

Sweet Potatoes 

Delicious sweet potatoes are worthy to get involved in your weight gain diet chart. This luscious sweet food is high in calories and abundant in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and micronutrients.

The best thing is, it doesn’t take forever to get ready to eat. Just cook it on low flame for a few minutes or enjoy incredible nutrients for healthy weight gain.

8. Dark Chocolate 

Dark Chocolate 

I can see you grinning! Dark chocolate is something you can’t say no to. It’s enriched with sugar, high calories, healthy fats, and minerals. Having it raw, getting one infused with dried fruits, or using it in protein shakes or smoothies is a great fun party for gaining healthy weight.

9. Legumes 


Lentils, chickpeas, and beans are a part of the legumes family. Legumes are a first-rate source of high-quality fiber, protein, calories, and other vitamins and minerals. Add legumes salad to your gym diet chart for weight gain & notice an amazing transformation in a few weeks.

10. Full fat Yogurt & Milk

Full fat Yogurt & Milk

Meals prepared out of yogurt or full-fat milk are tasty, sweet, and rich in protein, healthy-fat, calories, vitamins & minerals and great for contributing to weight gain. If you don’t have much time you can simply have dry enriched fruit yogurt & milk to ingest the incredible weight gain nutrients.

Conclusion: Gaining weight is harder than sad, and fols who have been tiring for it know the real struggle. We understand the ordeal, and how hard it is, and how much it matters to gain healthy weight for you. Therefore, in order to make weight gain easy & certain for you, we have put together the 10 best vegetarian diets for gaining weight.

We hope you love these delicious diet ideas, and add these delicious meals to your diet plan and get the ideal weight you have been trying hard for.