7 Types Of Hair Treatments You Need To Know

Types Of Hair Treatments

Silky, smooth & lustrous shiny hair is a never-ending story of love. You love your hair and you love to be taken care of to look like a superstar. Well, In the article, we are gonna introduce you to different types of hair treatments that will restore your hair health and enhance softness & shine.

Treating your hair right is the only way to get back the magnificent shine & smoothness you want. And, even though you’re ready to nurture your hair with the ingredients they need. Choosing the wrong hair treatment can set you back. But, not anymore. Because you’re going to get insight into which types of hair & scalp treatment will work best for satiating your hair needs.

Well, no matter which hair treatment you take for maintaining your hair health at peak. A hair spa is essential. Yeah. You can opt to do it at home as well and most salons recommend hair and scalp treatment as well. I’m sure, your hair would be ecstatic to get the incredible benefits of a hair spa

So, let’s get ahead to learn the best hair treatment for your hair to repair your hair from roots to tips.

7 Types Of Hair Treatments You Need To Know About

Just by looking at hair treatment’s names in the saloon brochure is not enough to decide which hair treatment would work best for your hair. Yup! A beautcian would be there to help you out to choose one. But, who knows your hair better than you. Right! 

Read through the different hair treatments type in salons to choose the one your hair needs.

1. Hot Oil Treatment 

Hot Oil Treatment 

Hot oil treatment works great for damaged, dry, and frizzy hair. Especially, color-treated tends hair gets dryness & frizzy due to deteriorated hair health. To mitigate the damage & retain your hair color and shine you should use the best shampoo for colored hair in India. Hot oil treatment helps to restore shine & softness in the hair and repair damage & split ends.

Beauticians decide the amount, type, and degree of hot oil according to the hair health in the salon. And, it takes only around 20 minutes to transform your hair into nourished & beautiful. If you want to do it home you can use argan oil. The benefits of argan oil are truly astounding for deep conditioning your hair.

2. Keratin Treatment 

Keratin Treatment 

Curly hair is more likely to be dry & frizzy and it’s not easy to manage. If you want your hair not only in perfect health but also straight & silky. Keratin Treatment is one you should go for. Yeah! Keratin treatment provides essential protein for hair that keeps the hair healthy, pin-straight, and super smooth.

Keratin treatment will turn your frizzy curls into smooth, shiny, silky & straight locks in one go, And, it will stick to your hair for 6-7 months or longer depending upon your hair growth and hair care. And, the best thing is you can even do it at your home and save your hard-earned bucks. Head over to learn how to do the best keratin treatment at home step by step.

3. Moisture Treatment

Moisture Treatment

Provide some love to your moisture-deprived hair. Dry cuticles & shin strands of your shows the desperation of moisturizing your hair needs. Olaplex hair perfector no. 3 is used in this treatment to saturate your hair strands in creamy hair moisturizer. It will deeply condition and repair your hair in a matter of minutes.

For those, who have lost their hair shine & charm due to snazzy blowouts & curls, moisture hair treatment will keep your hair falling from grace. For maintaining the softness & shine in your hair mind switching your regular shampoo to the best moisturizing shampoo for dry & dandruff. It supports keeping your scalp & hair happy after getting salon hair treatment for damaged hair.

4. Detox Treatment 

Detox Treatment 


Using hair products & colors builds up a thick layer on the scalp that retain the hair from growing. This layer involves chemicals that deteriorate scalp & hair health over time. You can get rid of toxins accumulation in your scalp by detox treatment. It helps to clean up dandruff, oil, and impurities from the scalp and let the pores breathe. 

Once what’s bad is set aside your hair can absrb the goodness of hair care products easily. After that, you also opt for other types of hair treatments to help to nurture your hair with nourishment & moisturization.

5. Toning Treatment 

Toning Treatment 

Whether you are proud of your shiny brown, red & blonde hair or you got your hair colored recently. Heat, pollution, and hair products chemicals Lighten the color & turn it into a mishap. If you don’t want your beloved hair color to fade. Toning hair treatment will help you out.

Yes! Toning treatment layers up to your hair with a glossy protective layer that makes your hair look magnificent & difficult to fade off. For keeping it prolonged, stop using shampoos that contained SLS ( sodium lauryl sulfate ) and embrace the best sulfate free shampoo in India that doesn’t fade your hair color and keep it healthy.

6. Hair Glossing Treatment

Hair Glossing Treatment

Getting glossy hair is possible in 15-20 minutes. If you want to wow your friends & family on an upcoming trip, function, or event. Consider giving a chance to hair glossing treatment. It will instantly turn your rough hair into glossy shine & smoothness that looks bewitching and sparkles more than your dazzling ornaments.

7. Scalp Treatment 

Scalp Treatment 

Itchy & dry scalp doesn’t only rob your life of peace but also steals your hair charm & health. Just like for blooming a plant we focus on providing fertilizer, water, and sunshine to the roots. Same as your scalp health determines your hair. If you experience excessive hair loss, it’s because your hair follicles aren’t that strong. So, work on the root cause and make your hair & scalp healthy.

Scalp treatment helps to reduce dandruff (biggest criminal for inhibiting hair growth & dryness & itchy scalp) & stimulate proper blood circulation in the scalp. 

Conclusion: Our hair can’t speak what they need but it’s our responsibility to provide them the love & care they need to be gorgeous as we expect them to be. Therefore, I have explained 7 types of hair treatments in the salon to help you figure out which one your hair requires right now.