How to Use Olive Oil For Face – Benefits & Uses

Olive Oil For Face

Wait! what you are saying that you use olive oil for health and nutrition purposes only and only use coconut oil for the face? you gotta be kidding me, no seriously, because of olive oil’s nutritional value and anti-aging properties almost everyone is using olive oil for face, and here you are. Anyways now just don’t get panic, I will teach you how to use it and will share my personal experinece with olive oil too.

What is Olive Oil?

what is olive oil

olive oil is a natural oil which is extracted from olive leaves, it is overloaded with nutrition, which makes it one of the best oil for health but nowadays people are using olive oil for face and skin as well, do you know why?

Allow me to answer this, olive oil contains nutritions in large amounts, like vitamin E, etc which makes it the best oil for the skin, the Vitamin E is the main antioxidant present in Olive Oil which helps in repairing skin and further prevents it from aging.

Let us know about the more benefits of using olive oil on the face and body.

Benefits of Using Olive Oil on Face & Body

  1. Slows down the process of aging
  2. Helps in maintaining or developing a natural glow on our skin
  3. Promotes healthy hair
  4. Helps in growing nails
  5. Keeps our skin safe from harmful ultraviolet rays.
  6. Promotes healthy body

How to Use Olive Oil For The Face?

You must have seen olive oil is used in various skincare products like lotions, face washes, etc, but if you want to apply raw olive oil straight from your kitchen on your face, you just have to follow these simple steps:

  • take 3-4 drops of olive oil
  • rub it in your hand
  • now apply it on your face gently by massaging it in a circular motion

Pro Tip: Olive oil is not a lightweight oil, it is very heavy, so I highly recommend you from my personal experience to use it in a limited quantity otherwise it may clog pores, this is even recommended by skin care experts.

How To Use Olive Oil for Getting Glowing and Irressistable skin – Beauty Benefits

As an Exfoliator

Olive oil is rich in several antioxidants which allows humans to use it as an exfoliator too, it helps in exfoliating dry areas of our body.

Olive Oil as an Eye Makeup Remover

Nowadays it’s quite common to use olive oil in removing eye makeup as it is proved itself way much better than those water-based removers, which damages the skin while removing makeup.

Helps in Wrinkle Treatment

Olive oil helps in treating wrinkles and aging too, just by simply dabbing the oil around the eye area in the night time, or following sun exposure.

Olive Oil For Skin whitening

It is filled with nutritions like Vitamin E which helps in getting a glow on our face, but do you know it helps in getting white, clear, and brighter skin too, yes you heard it right, olive oil helps in increasing skin whitening.

Tip: If olive oil doesn’t suit your skin, but somehow you want that natural glow on your face, I suggest that you can use face packs made with honey for getting irresistible skin at home.

Is Olive Oil Safe For The Face and Skin?

See, using olive oil is absolutely safe for your skin, body, and face, until and unless it is being used in small quantity, but if you have something in your mind that is forcing you to use it frequently in large quantities, my friend you are going to do nothing, rather than destroying your own health skin health and face glow.

so it’s very very important to use olive oil in the necessary quantity and to take necessary precautions. Let’s have a look at what will be the side effects of using olive oil in large quantities.

Disadvantages of Using Olive Oil for Face & Skin

Clogged Pores

As we discussed olive is a very heavy oil that can clog pores and trap bacteria which can further results in skin damage and blackheads, so it is suggested to wipe off any extra oil with cotton right away for preventing your skin from further damage and formation of pimples and blackheads.

Using Low-quality Olive Oil

It’s become a major issue when people use low-quality olive oil which is filled with harmful substances and chemicals, which is not good for skin at all, and it will have an adverse effect on your skin too, so it is better to go with a high quality of olive oil which is filled with nutritional value.

Causes Acne

Olive oil is very sticky in nature and if it is used in an excessive amount it may trap dirt and bacteria which results in acne and pimples on your face.

My secret Tip: It’s better to take a patch test for olive oil for the face before applying it to the whole face, speaking from my personal experience, because it might suites your skin, might not, who knows!