Top 5 Incredible Benefits of Kaolin Clay for Skin

Kaolin clay for skin

Aren’t clay masks most satisfying? If you feel the same. We are chips of the same block. I love the relaxation and soothing span I spend with me and my clay mask. That’s why today I’m going to share the Top 5 amazing benefits of kaolin clay for skin that I love to experience again and again.

If you have dry skin and thinking perhaps this article is not for you because clay tends to dry out the skin. You got to hang on. Because there is more for you as much as useful for oily, combination, and sensitive skin.

Some of you may have already used kaolin clay and had a really great experience with it, and other beautiful souls want to know deeply about kaolin clay before you use it, and trust me that’s the greatest thing you can do for your skin and hair.

So let’s get started to learn about kaolin clay and its uses.

What is Kaolin Clay?

Kaolin clay originated in china that’s why it’s also famous as china clay worldwide. Kaolin clay is enriched with a mineral called kaolinite that is supposedly considered good for skin and used in treating diarrhea in ancient times.

I love the colors kaolin comes in green, pink, and white. The foremost trait of kaolin, which made it hyped in the marketplace is its ability of oil absorption without drying out the skin. 

Before we move further, I think it’s important for us to clear out the difference between kaolin clay and bentonite clay.

Kaolin Clay Vs Bentonite Clay

The miraculous Kaolin clay contains kaolinite and fine grain clay that seemingly has low absorption capacity on the other hand bentonite clay known as hard clay that contains volcanic ash and has higher absorption properties.

It absorbs less oil from the skin, thereby it’s suitable for all skin types, but bentonite clay absorbs way too much oil and moisture so it’s better for oily and only oily skin beauties.

Now you are aware of what is kaolin clay and the difference between bentonite and kaolin clay. It’s time to walk through the amazing kaolin clay mask benefits.

top 5 Benefits of Kaolin Clay for Skin 

Kaolin clay powder has diversity such as is suitable for all skin types. It’s even good for dry skin. I love the way it feels on the skin and soothes and refreshes it like no other thing in the world.

I know, In the world of gel and serum, mask clay mask seems to be obsolete not many folks talk about it as they used to. Even after all these obtacles that came in the way of kaolin clay, it is emerging as a widely used and effective clay mask.

So let’s walk through with me to know the amazing benefits of kaolin clay for the skin.

1. Absorbs Excess Oil

It Absorbs extra oil from skin

The fundamental cause of many beauties is avoiding clay masks because it dries out their skin. Even beauties with oily skin experience extreme dryness in their skin that obviously made them feel great momentarily for having clean skin without a drop of sebum. Well, I’m one of the folks who has experienced that escalating joy that lasts for a day.

You must be wondering what is special about kaolin clay? The specialty of kaolin clay lies in its ability to absorb oil without drying your skin, where ordinary and bentonite clay steals all the natural oil from the skin and makes skin dehydrated and dull.

So give yourself a facial spa with kaolin clay while listening to soft music. Trust me, it’s damn relaxing.

2. Prevent Acne and Pimples

Kaolin clay for acne and pimples

What do you think is the number one cause of flaring up acne and pimples on the skin? Isn’t it unhealthy food for excess oil accumulation on your skin that mixes up with dead skin cells, dust, and hair follicles and impregnates pimples and acne-causing bacterias?,

Well, you won’t be needing to spend money on over-the-counter acne treatment and pimples after befriending with kaolin clay. Because it will only absorb excess oil from the skin so that your skin will be less oily and prone to breakout.

3. Deep Cleanses Skin Pores

removes white heads and blackheads

Sometimes when best face washes and cleansers fail to cleanse the skin properly. Kaolin clay comes as a rescuer. Its fine minerals get into the pores and start their cleansing process by absorbing extra oil from the skin.

There are some good kaolin face washes available for you to use that helps to deep clean the skin, apart from this you can also include this miraculous clay in your skin routine. If you have dry skin once a week would be enough for you and normal to dry skin beauties can use it 2-3 times in a week as per your skin requirement.

Well, if you are willing to know another effective way to remove and shrink pores check on how to remove small pores from face naturally.


4. Exfoliates Skin

It helps in removing dead skin cells

What else could be the best way to rejuvenate your skin than a clay mask in summers. Kaolin clay masks work as a natural exfoliate that removes dead skin cells and rejuvenate skin just by sitting on your face for 30 minutes or less.

Kaolin clay is infused with minerals that are tiny and penetrate into the skin and absorb the excess oil, pull out dirt, and removes dead skin cells, and helps you to get glowing skin without putting much effort in the process.

5. Lighten the Skin Tone

China Clay helps in brightening skin complexion

Isn’t it something beyond what you expected, Kaolin clay for fairness sounds doubtful, but yes, it helps to even out the skin. Its neutral absorption and antibacterial properties keep skin clean for long and prevent acne and pimples.

Moreover, It reduces sunburn or tanning to an extent and leaves your skin refreshed throughout the day. Well, Kaolin clay will lighten your skin tone just in one go, just like everything else it will also take some time and continuity, but if it’s included in your skincare regime it will impart fabulous results. Besides face pack with honey for glowing skin is also great at brightening skin tone with a healthy glow.

In this article, I’ve explained everything about kaolin or china clay and the benefits of kaolin clay for skin. I hope you find our article valuable and enjoyed reading it and will consider trying kaolin clay for getting clearer and glowing skin.