How To Use Face Serums Properly: Step By Step

How To Use Face Serum

The skincare routine is not confined to cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Nevertheless, it’s an essential part of your skincare but not the whole to have beautifully nourished skin. Don’t worry! I’m not asking you to follow the 10 steps of Korean skincare. Just adding a serum to your skincare routine will transform your skin to a whole new level. Wanna know! How to use face serums? Let’s go.

Face serum is formulated with essential oils and herbs that provide skin nourishment & improves skin texture. But, layering up lots of skin care products & makeup seems daunting. Well, it is, if you don’t order these products. Therefore, it’s imparative to learn how to apply face serum perfectly.

But, before you set down to shop face serum for you. Consider your skin type & skin problems to want to get rid of. Likewise, if your skin is oily & acne-prone look for the ingredients in your serum that helps to dial down the oil production, fades off acne & pimples scars, and inhibit new popups to flare. And, as you come up with the right formula which is obviously vitamin C, get it and use vitamin C serum the right way to have clear & glowing skin.

Using the right face serum determines your skin health. Figure out what your skin needs & look for the ingredients & formula in accordance with that. 

So, once you get the right serum for you. It’s time to learn how to apply face serum properly to get the maximum benefits out of it. 

So, let’s walk through with me to discover the perfect order to apply face serum with your skincare product. Don’t worry! Your face won’t be sticky & greasy at all if you use the serum in the correct order as we are about to demonstrate.

How To Use Face Serums Pro perly To Maximize Its Benefits

Face serum is not something you can only apply at night time. Let face serum do magic on your skin throughout the day regardless of you wearing makeup. Yes! It’s feasible. Have a look at easy steps to use a face serum and keep your skin repairing process on during the day as well.

Step 1- Deep Cleansing

Deep Clean Your Skin

Most of the time pimples, acne, white & blackheads occur not because of any other causes but failing to cleanse your skin properly. Dirt, oil, and makeup residues are your skin’s biggest enemy and they keep seeking to invade your skin and cause skin pimples, allergies, and white & blackheads.

If you want to save your skin from these invaders. Wipe them off with a good makeup cleanser. You can use micellar water, cleansing milk, or coconut oil for deep cleansing impurities & make-up from your tiniest skin pores. And, wash them away by using the best face wash for oily skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin.

Step 2- Apply Toner & Mist 

Apply Toner Or Face Mist

Yes! Toning is still essential. It helps to keep your skin clear & healthy and restricts skin pores to get enlarged and filled with impurities. 

In this step, you can either use a toner or a mist. Whichever suits your skin. If you’re a natural skincare lover. Going with rose water will be best for you.

For excessively dry skin choose a moisturizing toner, and if you wish to slow down oil production in your skin using the best toner for oily skin is truly advantageous.

Step 3- Perfect Time To Apply Facial Serum 

Apply Facial Serum 

Wondering what about the moisturizer? Fret not, you’re learning how to use face serums with moisturizer. First, you apply serum rather than the moisturizer in the correct way I have explained below.

After toning your face, your skin is ready to absorb the goodness of facial serum. There are 2 ways to use a facial serum. Let’s learn both of them.

Way 1: If your facial serum bottle has a pump, take two pea sizes on your fingertips and massage it all over your face & neck gently. Or in the case of having a dropper 2-3 drops are enough to cover your whole face.

Way 2: Take the same amount of face serum as I have mentioned above. Put the serum on your palms and rub your palms together to warm up the serum. Now, apply it to your skin with gentle pressure outwards. 

Wait for 5 minutes to absorb serum fully in your skin after facial serum application.

Step 4- Moisturizer Your Skin 

Moisturizer Your Skin 

There you go, wondering Isn’t face serum moisturizes the skin. Yes! It does, but it can’t replace the benefits of a moisturizer.

But, for making your skin beautiful, using the right moisturizer plays an important role. Yes! Where dry skin quenches for moisturization after having facial serum on oily skin seem to be satiated with an abundance of nourishment. 

But, it’s a trick of your oily skin to not let you maintain the optimal PH level on your skin. Don’t fall for it, and apply the best water-based moisturizer for oily skin. And, also don’t overlook the demand of our dry skin & keep it well moisturized using the best dry skin moisturizer.

Tip: After applying moisturizer, tap your fingertips on your skin to make it fully absorb and you can also remove extra moisture from your skin by damping & wrenching a cotton tower. And gently wiping the excess moisture from your skin.

Step 5- Protect Your Skin With Sunscreen 

Apply Sunscreen

Just because you know what does face serum does for you. It doesn’t mean you won’t protect your skin from the sun. Yeah! I know, facial serum benefits are incredible. It will also reduce sun tan & damage. 

But, there is nothing wrong with having a sun-protective layer on your skin. Right! If you don’t want to layer up 2 different products for moisturization & sun protection. You can also go with a moisturizer that contains at least 30+ SPF. 

Otherwise, use gel-based sunscreen for dry skin and the best sunscreen for oily skin that is as light as a feather.

Now! The correct order of applying skincare products with facial serum is yours. And, after the process, you are also free to wear makeup.

Conclusion: Facial serum is an integral part of the skincare routine which most beautyes leave out. But, I’m glad that you understand the benefits of a facial serum for your skin and took steps to learn how to use face serums in the correct way. So, keep your skincare routine consistent, and if you also want to protect your hair from pollution & dry air head over to learn how to use serum for hair.