How To Use Aloe Vera on Face | Benefits of Aloe Vera

How To Use Aloe Vera on Face

So here we go once again! looking for some natural ways for getting clear glowing natural skin after using those brutal products which damage our skin and ultimately cause several skin problems like pimples, acne and to be honest what not…correct? Let me ask you one simple question what were you thinking before using those products? it is going to give your naturally glowing skin…right? haha…lol! but don’t worry I thought that too and after that, I realized it pretty well, they can be used only for temporary glow nothing more than that.

You gotta understand this, my friend you cannot derive natural glow from chemicals, those products are manufactured using several chemicals that are not at all good for your skin so you have to go with some natural ways of getting clear beautiful skin like Multani Mitti or Aloe Vera or Kaolin Clay, whatever is best for you skin, you understand my point is right?

But there is one thing I want you to lock in your mind that you have to be patient for the results and you must know the proper steps of how to use them correctly on face. In this article, we will talk about Aloe Vera and how to use aloe vera on face correctly.

What is Aloe vera?

Don’t you ever wonder why Aloe Vera is so popular in the beauty world? you know nothing can stop me from calling it the Aishwarya Rai of The beauty world. Let me tell you why. You must have always heard this natural way or this product is one of the best for face and blah blah, let me tell you, my dear friend, aloe vera is not the one of the best but it is tops the list of all-natural homemade ways for getting glowing beautiful skin.

Aloe vera is filled with numerous antioxidants that help you to get rid of several skin problems like pimples, acne, dark spots, and many more skin diseases. These antioxidants nourish and moisturize the skin from the inside out which ultimately helps in dealing with skin issues and promotes unbeatable glowing skin. As we all know we can grow Aloe Vera at our home itself, which makes it the most trusted natural substance that we can apply to our skin.

If you don’t have aloe vera plant at your home you can purchase it from the market too, because there are several companies that have proved that the Aloe Vera they are selling is completely made with natural substances and is 100% safe for your skin, on the best company I recommend is Patanjali

Apart from this let me tell you one more fact about Aloe vera that it is a natural healer too, it has several healing properties, which have a high potential for curing your skin problems. Now let’s go through how to use aloe vera on face:

How to Use Aloe Vera on Face As face Mask

Before using aloe vera for the face I highly suggest you first understand what your skin type is whether it is dry or oily or sensitive or normal. Below I have mentioned my secret Aloe Vera recipes for each skin type, so let’s jump on to them:

1. Using an aloe vera mask for dry skin

Dry skin type is the worst like it causes several issues, like wrinkles, cracks in the skin, dull skin. It ruins all the impression, and because of this irritating dry skin, we often use foundations, primer, and several other dry skin beauty products which ultimately result in destroying our skin.

Here is my secret recipe for making Aloe Vera face masks for dry skin.

Ingredients Required:

  • A fresh slice of aloe vera
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • One cucumber

How to make:

  • crush the cucumber
  • add 1 tablespoon of honey to it
  • now mix the fresh aloe vera gel with it
  • not stir and make a paste out of it
  • apply it on your for 15-20 and after that rinse it off with cold water

Pro Tip: For effective & quick results use this procedure once in a day for at least one month.

2. Using aloe vera mask for Oily Skin

Oilskin is the main culprit why you get pimples, because of the excess oil present on your face, the dirt and other pimple-causing bacteria gets trapped, causing several skin problems like acne, pimples, etc.

Here is my secret recipe for making Aloe Vera face masks for oily skin.

Ingredients Required:

  • 1 fresh slice of aloe vera
  • 2-3 drops of Tea Tree oil

How to make:

  • take the fresh aloe vera gel in a bowl
  • add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil to it
  • not stir and make a paste out of it
  • apply it on your face and try to make a thin layer and left it overnight,
  • wash your face with cold water in the morning

Pro Tip: For getting effective & quick results, follow this procedure twice a day for 1 month

3. Using aloe vera mask for Normal Skin

Normal skin doesn’t experience any skin problems rather than just rashes, and common other problems, so there is no actual recipe for it, you can just simply apply the fresh dab of aloe vera on your face and leave it overnight, you can use this quite often, make it a part of your skincare routine.

Benefits of Using Aloe Vera Gel For Face

1. Helps in moisturizing skin

Aloe vera gel is filled with several antioxidants and has amazing hydrating properties which help in providing nourishment to the skin and moisturize it adequately. A moisturized skin helps in keeping the surface smooth and soft and also helps in preventing it from skin issues as it closes all the small pores present on our face.

2. Helps in fighting acne

This is the main reason why most people use aloe vera, as I told you aloe vera has several anti-bacterial properties and it has some anti-inflammatory properties too, these properties help our skin in fighting against acne, and pimple-causing germs. You can use it by just applying a dab of aloe vera on the damaged area of the face.

3. Helps with the aging process

Every single person present on this mother earth is scared of aging, by the due course of time our body starts showing signs of aging, including our face, it starts getting wrinkles and all that stuff.

See my friend no one on this planet can prevent aging, but what we can do is to slow down its process or recover the loss of radiance on the face, using aloe vera gel for aging can be really helpful as it is 100% natural and it helps to bring that natural glow and shine on our face back.

4. Helps in Exfoliating the skin

Getting rid of dead skin is very important. this can be one of the major reasons why your skin looks dull and non-lustrous. but don’t worry, the process of exfoliating your skin can be a very simple task with aloe vera, as it has anti-bacterial properties, that help in getting rid of the dead skin and achieving that unbeatable look.

Side effects of Using Aloe Vera Gel for Face

  • It is very important to take a patch test before applying aloe vera, as it can also cause several skin problems, like redness, itchiness, skin allergies, etc.
  • If you will use aloe vera in large amount (more that I specified above), you will end up with a much more vulgular face than you have now…
  • Always use fresh aloe vera gel, as all the antioxidants are highly active at that time and ready to wok at a faster pace.
  • Before suing aloe vera for yourself, I will highly recommend you to first look over the internet how to use aloe vera on face the right way, it will surely save your time.