How To Start A Beauty Blog: Step By Step

How To Start A Beauty Blog

Have you grown up spinning around your grandma’s home remedies, playing with your mum’s makeup kit, or loves to share beauty tips with your friends? Well, if it’s you. It’s time to earn money doing what you love to do. Therefore, In this article, I’m gonna walk you through an easy process of how to start a beauty blog.

I want to be totally honest with you here. Starting a blog is not rocket science but beauty is a highly competitive busy niche. And in order to thrive your blog, you require to work with diligence, consistency and acquire digital marketing skills.

Yes! Heighten your impact in your domain & be able to reach wider audience incorporation of SEO (search engine optimization), affiliate marketing, email marketing, and graphic designing is obligatory. No worries! If you don’t know anything about the skills I just mentioned.

You can always learn these skills, like if you live in Jaipur then joining a good digital marketing course in Jaipur would give a kick start to your journey in blogging and it will help you to acquire skills to generate boundless money through your blog. You can compare digital marketing institutes in Jaipur on this website Learn Jaipur.

Spontaneously, You can learn digital marketing skills & implement them in your blog to grow. So, take a first step towards how to start a skincare, health, or beauty blog to earn money step by step.

How To Start A Beauty Blog: Step By Step

Here are the easy steps to start your own beauty blog that allow you to share your unique beauty tips, experience and open the threshold to make money for doing what makes you happy.

1. Select A Platform For Your Website 

Just like setting up your new business, you require to rent a shop likewise in the online aura. You need to choose a website platform that works best for your niche. 

From Wix, Weebly, WordPress you can choose any platform these all are best for blogging websites. But, my recommendation is to choose WordPress  because:

  • It’s completely free
  • Easy to use 
  • Gives proper control to customize your website
  • Can use incredible themes & plugins 
  • Best for blogging

2. Purchase Your Domain Name & Hosting 

Let me clarify what exactly domain and hosting are. The domain is the name of a website that helps to identify your website on the internet. And, consider hosting as a storehouse where your domain data is stored.

First, find out a creative domain name for your website. If you struggle to find domain availability use name mash, bust a name, or lean domain search to help you out.

Second, purchase your domain name and hosting from the best websites: Hostgator,, blue host, Go daddy, etc.

3. Install WordPress Software

install wordpress software

For installing WordPress software you need to go to your hosting provider. Sign up for your account, click on your hosting and it will lead you through the steps of word press installation. Steps vary for different hosting providers but you get guidance to get it done by yourself. Now you have reached halfway through learning how to start a beauty blog & getting closer to post your first blog.

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4. Pick A User-Friendly Beauty Blogging Theme 

Before this step, I want you to check out the best beauty blogs in India and observe how user-friendly & attractive their website design is. Once you check it out, install your favorite beauty theme and customize it according to your brand’s color & font. And, also make a logo that represents your blog identity. 

5. Install WordPress Plugins 

If your question is, how to become a beauty influencer? Start presents your beauty ideas that provide value to the users, please google and get shared.

You can install some WordPress plugins to make your content more effective and shareable like Yoast Seo, Table of content, Easy Social Sharing, Meta Slider, Opt-In Form, Mailchimp, and Instagram Feed & Woo Commerce if you want to sell your recommended products.

6. Share Your Beauty Post 

Share Your Beauty Post

For sharing your beauty post, firstly you need to make it SEO optimized. It requires a little creativity to find & adjust the related keywords into your post. And, make customized feature images and create a meta description to give google signal what your post is all about.

Once you have this all, go to post in your WordPress dashboard, click on add new, and create your title, paste your content, images, feature image, select category, and paste the meta description. Recheck your post again before scheduling it for publishing. 

7. Monetize Your Blog 

Monetization is a must but you can’t do it when you start your blog. Keep posting good content for a few months & try to build backlinks for one who has higher chances to rank. And, after that, the first thing you can do is to create your affiliate account on sites like Amazon & Flipkart and add your affiliate links to your recommended products.

Second, sign up on a Google Adsense account. Once your account is activated you will start earning commission through google as per the clicks & purchase google places on your website.

Conclusion: Becoming a beauty blogger is the best idea. If you’re a beauty, makeup & fashion enthusiast and love to share your ideas with the world. 

You can’t only transform an individual’s life through your amazing beauty ideas but also earn money throughout it. If there is any unique beauty blogging idea stucked in your mind. Follow easy steps of how to start a beauty blog and create your brilliant destiny in the beauty industry.