How To Reduce Melanin In Skin: 5 Best Ways

How To Reduce Melanin In Skin

Whether you wanna get rid of sun tan or are in pursuit of getting lighter & brighter skin. Dialing down the level of melanin production in the skin will help you to get the gorgeous skin you want. So, sit tight to learn how to reduce melanin in skin & slay with a radiant glow.

But, before we go any further let’s understand what exactly melanin is, and what are the factors that increase melanin production in the skin.

What Is Melanin?

In simple words, melanin is a pigment present in hair, skin, and eyes that determine the color of it, the less production of melanin in the skin the lighter skin color is, and if the opposite skin is darker accordingly. 

And, you want to know what’s behind producing melanin in the skin. Melanocytes cells are responsible for engendering melanin production on the outer layer of the skin.

Melanin production is natural, all of our skin produces melanin at different levels, and gives us a unique skin color.

So, let’s walk through to discover the best way to reduce melanin production in the skin. 

How To Reduce Melanin In The Skin: 5 Best Ways

The biggest doubt you might be having is, Is it possible to reduce melanin production in the skin? And, the answer is, yes it is but to an extent. Natural melanin levels in our body are determined by genes, and we have no influence on them, but what we can do is, using the best ways of reducing melanin in the skin, and get rid of excess melanin production.

Here are the most efficacious ways to reduce melanin in your skin.

1. Avoid Sun Exposure 

Avoid Sun Exposure 

Sometimes, not doing anything can do wonders. And, not going out in the sun especially between 10-3 pm ( this time sun rays are exasperatingly intense) will help to reduce melanin production in the skin.

Let me tell you how it works, sun rays & highly harmful for the skin and potent enough to penetrate into the deeper layers of skin, and devastate healthy skin cells. And, melanin on our skin acts as a barrier to deflect and minimize skin damage, and as we spend more time in the sun, our skin’s natural mechanism gets the red flag and starts to increase melanin production in our skin to keep our skin safe from the skin.

This is how we get tanned. I know, neither avoiding the sun is completely feasible nor should we do it. But, to repel harmful sun rays we can wear sunscreen. Well, dry is affected more intensely from suntan than the oily one, but protection is essential from all skin types. 

So, look for a high-SPF broad-spectrum with a creamy formula sunscreen for dry skin, water-based high SPF sunscreen for oily skin, and for sensitive skin always hunt for a drugstore ( dermatologist tested ) sunscreen.

2. Try Natural Home Remedies 

Try Natural Home Remedies 

Natural home remedies work best for reducing melanin production in the skin if it is used with diligence. 

Look through, how to reduce melanin in the skin using ayurvedic natural remedies.

Lemon Juice: Widely famous remedy for treating hyperpigmentation, acne spots or skin whitening helps to reduce melanin level in the skin as well. Lemon juice is infused with a high level of vitamin C & antioxidants which decline tyrosinase ( an enzyme that generates melanin ) activity in the skin and decrease melanin production. 

For using lemon juice, either you can topically apply fresh lemon juice or use Vitamin C serum. If you haven’t used vitamin C serum before learn how to use vitamin C serum correctly before using it.

Aloe vera Gel: Loaded with vitamin A, C, E, and the goodness of enzymes aloe vera can be an effective home remedy to reduce melanin. It helps to soothe sunburned skin, and restore skin nourishment. If you’re willing to use aloe vera gel to reduce melanin in the skin, look through how to use aloe vera gel on the face.

Turmeric: The boundless skin lightening & healing properties of turmeric settle down the melanin formation in the skin, and make your skin lighter and brighter. You can apply turmeric powder mixing with rose water on your skin twice a week to reduce melanin in the skin. Besides, you can also use home remedies for skin whitening for lessening melanin formation.

3. Chemical Peels

Try Chemical Peels

The outer layer of skin is most affected with melanin or skin damaged by acne, pimples, and scars. 

For sure, chemical peeling is the fastest solution to remove dead skin cells & the outer skin layer. It brings on radiant glowing skin on the surface & discards damaged skin. For getting chemical peel therapy, consult your dermatologist and attain brighter, lighter, and soft skin.

Besides, if you want to treat it by yourself. Look for topical creams that contain the following chemicals to reduce melanin:

4. Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

With a pulse of light laser therapy remove the outer layer of skin, and reduce melanin production. Here is the laser treatment you can opt for to get rid of skin discoloration and make your skin lighter.

Ablative Laser: For severe skin discoloration, or pigmentation ablative laser therapy works best. It removes the outer layer of the skin to bring the healthy one to the surface.

Non-Ablative Laser: Non-ablative laser therapy helps to increase collagen production in the skin, it’s more safer and gentle on the skin. For treating skin discoloration, hyperpigmentation, and scar treatment you can opt for this.

5. Eat Healthy Food

Eat Healthy Food

Foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, C, and E help to renew the skin faster, reduce sun damage, and also helps to reduce melanin production in the skin. Besides, nutrients & antioxidant-rich drinks are considered best to reduce melanin in the skin.

Conclusion: The level of melanin production determines the color of your skin. If your skin color has got darker than natural, and you want to turn it around. The best ways of how to reduce melanin in the skin will certainly help you to get a lighter skin tone, get rid of scars, and hyper-pigmentation. If you find these melanin-reducing methods valuable, pass them forward to help others out.