How To Reduce Fat From Hips: Diet & Exercises

How To Reduce Fat From Hips

Stubborn belly fat & pesky fatty butt feels like a part of life as we age. It’s extremely frustrating when these annoying butts don’t fit in your favorite dress, and in the end, you have to wear the outfit you didn’t set your heart on. Besides, these love handles that are obviously not lovely at all, dials down your confidence and makes you self-conscious. I know, How it feels, and how hard you are trying to get rid of fat but your efforts keep failing. Don’t worry! Now, it’s time to learn some effective ways of how to reduce fat from hips that actually work.

I know you want to reduce fat around the hips, but sadly spot reduction is not possible. In order to reduce fat from the hips, you need to work on your overall body fat inevitably and after that you can tone up your buttock muscles to get them into the perfect shape.

Well, I’m gonna describe everything that will surely help you to get rid of your love handles, but before we go any further don’t you wanna know the causes behind lower body fat, Yeah.. your love handles. Besides, if your desire is to get perfect body shape, and wants to increase your breast size, learn these amazing ways of how to increase breast size naturally at home.

Excellent! So, blow off the steam, I’gonna gets you acquainted with producers of frustrating fat around your hips, things, and well belly.

What Causes Hip Fat?

According to age, despite the hormone, many things change in women’s bodies. Especially, their body structure, due to disproportionate fat accumulation in the lower body, such as belly, hips, and thighs. So let’s find out what causes excess fat in lower body parts.

  • Lack of Physical Movement: Physical inactivity helps to increase metabolism and boost our immunity that helps to burn excess fat around the body. 
  • Unhealthy Food: Foods that are high in calories, sugar, unhealthy fat and cholesterol causes fat accumulation at a faster pace than anything else.
  • Hormones: Hormones play a big role in making us fatty, especially a hormone called cortisol which impacts higher on fat accumulation, and interestingly it’s a stress hormone.
  • Sleep Deprivation: Inadequate sleep causes us to gain fat around the lower parts of the body. Nighttime is the time when our body organs get replenished, if you don’t get enough sleep it will indirectly impact your digestive system and metabolism that helps to burn calories.

So, now you have understood how your hips got so much fat. Don’t fret. You can set out to get into your best body shape from now. As I mentioned before, you can’t possibly reduce fat from a specific body part, according to science it’s merely not possible. I know how can you get a perfect butt by reducing fat not only from the hips but also from the belly and thighs.

How to Reduce Fat From Hips 

In order to lose body fat, you can’t just rely either on exercise or diet. You got to do both, after all, it’s all about calories in – calories out which we need to follow to get the best result to lose excess fat from love handles. That’s why I have broken down the ways to lower body fat into 2 categories, a healthy diet, and exercise to lose fat around the hips.

So, let’s start with how to reduce hips and lower body fat with a healthy diet.

Healthy Diet

  1. Start Your Day With Detox Drink 

drink detox water

Having a detox drink or lemon water first thing in the morning is on the top of the list in terms of increasing metabolism. You can’t just say no to the delicious detox drink which is made with your favorite juice fruits. The amazing healthy trait of detox is, it flushes out the toxins in the gut and kick-starts your metabolism to burn calories faster. Moreover, It invigorates and keeps you fresh throughout the day. Besides, Instead of caffeine, you can also opt for lemon tea during the day. So, head over & learn the amazing benefits of lemon tea for your health.

2. Cut Off Sugar And Carbs 

reduce sugar and carb intake

Foods that are loaded with sugar and carbohydrates not only build excess fat in the body but are also heavy on the digestive organs and detrimental to our health. Although carbs are a source of energy but are high in calories, try to cut down sugary food and carbs in your diet as much as you can and replace them with foods with healthy nutrients.

3. Include Some Electrolytes in Diet

Intake more electrolytes in diet

Don’t get confused with electrolytes, it is something that you generally intake through your diet. Calcium, potassium, and magnesium are incredible minerals to invigorate our body. Moreover, electrolytes are a powerful component that deters our body from retaining excess sugar.

4. Infused Yourself with High Fiber and Protein

consume foods high in fiber and protein

Fiber helps in smooth digestion and protein is the component that replaces the body fat with stronger and healthier muscles. If you would ask how to lose hip fat without exercise, I would recommend you to have a protein and fiber-rich diet, but yes. You can’t shrug off exercise completely.

5. Reduce Salt Intake

cut down salt in diet

Yeah, not only sugar salt also affects your body and makes it gain fat. Now, you are probably wondering how? The more salt you will consume the more your body will retain water, which eventually makes you feel dehydrated, and the water gets accumulated in the belly, hips and that causes bloating stomach and fatty hips and thighs.

Great! You have just learned do’s and don’t for following a healthy diet that induces excess fat loss around hips, thighs, and belly. Now, It’s time to learn how to reduce fat from hips with exercise and yoga and get familiarized with the highest impactful exercise to reduce hips and lower body fat faster. So, get ready to move your lazy butt.


1. Squats

Squats for loosing hip fat

Squats are an excellent exercise that makes your lazy butts in the rounder and perfect shape. Initially, it’s painful but gradually it will get easy as a breeze for you. This simple exercise only requires body weight to work on the abdominal, thighs, and hips simultaneously and helps to tone and strengthen the muscles of your hamstrings, abdomen, and hips. If you want to build more strength and reduce fat faster you can also do squats with weights and kettlebells.

Let me teach you how to do squats perfectly

  1. Stand straight with your legs apart
  2. Put your arms out or if you want to do squats with weight, hold a dumbbell or kettlebell with both of your hands.
  3. Engage your core by shrinking your belly while keeping your spine straight.
  4. Now, slowly sit while balancing and put your body weight on your thighs, and make sure your spine is straight while you do this.
  5. Get back into standing possible with the engaging core and straight spine. 
  6. Start with 10-12 reps initially and increase gradually as you feel comfortable with it. 

2. Wall Sit 

Wall Sit squats

The only difference between squats and wall sit is, squats are done without wall support, squats can be hard and at the initial stage, as you need to keep your spine straight and make balance. If you are a beginner, wall sit is the best exercise you can do to reduce your hips and thigh fat. It equally works on thighs, abdomen, and hips as squats, and it’s way much easier than that.

 Let me show you how to do.

  1. Stand up straight with your feet apart and 2 inches away from the wall.
  2. Press your back against the wall, and either you can keep your hands forward and press it against the wall as your back.
  3. Now, slide down and sit in a squat position for 5-6 seconds and slide up.
  4. Start with 15 reps and you can increase it accordingly.

3. Stair Climbing

climb stairs

Stair climbing is a fun exercise that you can do any time in a day. All you have to do is climb up the stairs, get down and repeat at your home. It helps to tone up thighs and butt muscles, as well as it is the best exercise to increase your metabolic rate and burn up stubborn calories. 

4. Mountain Climber

mountain climber exercise

Don’t worry! You don’t have to climb up Mount Everest just to get perfect butts. Mountain climbing is the most effective exercise to shape your hips and abdomen at home. It’s a part of a High-Intensity Training exercise that triggers fat burning. The best thing is if you do it hard enough you will not only end up with a round butt but also with a flat belly and noticeable abs.

Follow these simple steps to do mount climbing exercises.

  1. Get down on the floor with both of your hands and knees.
  2. Keep your back straight and look forward.
  3. Squeeze your abdomen.
  4. Now, bring your right foot to your right hand and then switch it to the left.
  5. Do it slowly in the starting and increase the speed as you get momentum.
  6. You can either set timing like 1-2 minutes for 3 reps or you can just count the reps you want to do. But, the more reps you will do in one time the better results you will get.

5. Side Leg Raise

Side Leg Raise

If hips and belly fat are only the targeted areas that you want to get into the perfect shape. Side leg raise is the best high-impact exercise for this region. It helps to reduce excess fat from the hips and side of the belly and tones the muscles miraculously. The best thing is, you only need a yoga mat and the right direction to get astonishing results.

Follow these simple steps to do side leg raise.

  1. Lie on one side of the body on a yoga mat.
  2. Keep one of your legs straight and cling to the mat.
  3. Raise the other leg upwards as much as you can.
  4. Now, repeat this 8-10 times.
  5. Switch the side and repeat the same.

In this article, I have shared some of the best ways of how to reduce fat from hips, I hope you loved reading our article and find it helpful to lose excess fat from the lower body parts.