How To Dye Your Hair White Safely At Home

How To Dye Your Hair White

How to dye your hair white! The hair color has taken over the edge on beautiful brown & gorgeous blonde locks and got enormous fame being trendy on Instagram. Platinum white hair looks dazzling with vibrant highlights. Well, I’m gonna share how can you get white hair without taking an expensive trip to the saloon and it’s on you to decide If you wanna have elegant white locks or embellish them with vibrant tresses.

The white hair trend is unprecedented & exciting and people have lots of questions about it such as how to get white hair naturally & without bleaching? Is there any white hair temporary dye available or is it damaging? 

Here is the answer: The process of achieving white hair includes bleaching & dyeing and it’s nearly not possible to have your hair white naturally or without using bleach unless you have absolute light blonde hair and temporary white hair dyes don’t work well on brown & black hair and at last Yes! The process is damaging but it can be minimized by taking proper care of your hair.

I hope! you have got answers to your questions already, if not you will get them as you read on. So, we’re on our way to learn the process of getting white hair at home but, before we reach there, we need to know something more important. Guess What? It’s a precaution we must take while going through the drastic process. Let’s get full steam ahead to learn that.

How To Dye Your Hair White: Easy Steps 

How To Dye Your Hair White

The process of dying white hair is pretty much time-consuming, and it takes plantly of effort. So, blow the steam off and follow the simple steps to get the trendy platinum white hair.

Massage Your Hair With Hot Oil 

While hair includes bleach that strips away nourishment from hair. But, hot oil massage with coconut or olive oil will help to minimize the damage. You can either do it before 2-3 hours or let the oil overnight in your hair. You don’t need to wash your hair before bleaching.

Apply Bleach In Your Hair

Here is the tricky part, first you need to mix the bleach with the developer. Take 2 tbsp of each and mix them well. And apply on your hair from bottom to roots while wearing the gloves.


Let the bleach sit on your hair for 10-15 minutes.

Hair Wash

Now, wash your hair with normal water. And don’t get disappointed if your hair didn’t get much lighter. It needs a few for the bleaching process.

Take Care Of Your Hair

The darker your hair color is the more time it will take for them to get light blond hair color, and you should bleach on your hair only once in 3 days. So, provide your hair nourishment to bounce back for 3 days.


now, you have to repeat the bleaching process and keep on doing it until your hair gets the lightest yellow color.

Dye White Hair Color

When you achieve the lightest yellow lock, it means your hair is ready to get the white tone. Ion Icy White Cream Toner is one of the best white hair toners you can use. So let’s get started.

  • Mix the part developer and one part toner in a bowl according to your hair length.
  • Comb your hair and detangle them.
  • Apply the toner on your hair while wearing the gloves, start by applying it on your roots to all over your hair strands. Don’t worry! If the purple color starts to show off, it simply means the white color is getting on successfully.
  • Leave the toner for 10 minutes in your hair.
  • Rinse off your white hair dye.
  • Style your alluring icy white hair stands like a princess. If you love curly tresses you can get them without damaging your hair with heating tools, Yes! all you have to learn is, how to curl your hair at home.

Precautions To Take Before Dying Your Hair White

Getting white hair is not easy work, it takes a lot of effort in order to remove the natural color of your hair and get the light blonde shade. That means you need to use bleach multiple times on your hair. Read the & follow precautions below to get the stunning white hair color.

Do A Bleach Allergic Test

This step determines whether your skin qualifies for not having white hair locks. Do a patch test beforehand by applying some prepared beach on your hand or back of the ear. If your skin turns red or you experience irritation. You don’t go further for the sake of your beloved skin.

Prepare Your Hair

Examine the health of your hair is important, your hair needs are capable of bearing bleach harshness, for checking it you can check your hair elasticity by stretching it gently after saturating it in water. If it breaks your hair needs to be nourished with hot oil or a hair mask.

Wear Gloves

Bleach & white hair dye can be harmful to your hair, it’s better to wear gloves while doing the process.

Wrap towel around your shoulder

While the bleaching and dying process, bleach or dye can ruin your clothes so wrap a towel beforehand.

Now, you know what precautions you must take before you actually start the process of bleaching and dying your hair. It’s time to get ahead to learn how to make your hair white permanently.

Voila! You can dye your hair in white color all by yourself, but as I mentioned before bleaching makes the hair fragile. In order to keep your hair gorgeous, you need to know how to take care of them after achieving glorifying white tresses. Well, I have already put together how you should keep your hair healthy, roll your eyes below to learn that.

How To Take Good Care Of White Hair 

How To Take Care Of White Hair 

Do you want to keep your white hair gorgeous that everyone is jealous of, or you would leave them to get fragile, dry, and damaged? Of course! You want shiny & lustrous white locks. Read on to learn how can you give the best care to your hair. besides, I recommend you to read effective beauty tips for hair.

Wash Less

Washing every day can strip off the white hair color, make it dry & lousy, and unflattering. Only wash your hair thrice a week.

Color Protection Shampoo

After getting majestic hair color you surely don’t want to lose it. So, use hair protection shampoo and conditioner to protect your stunning white hair.

Heat Protection Gel

I know! You can’t go without styling your hair with heating tools. But if you do, use a heat protection spray or gel beforehand.

Hot Oil Treatment

The destructive process of white hair dying steals the nourishment of your hair. Bring it back by giving your hair a hot oil treatment before washing the hair. for the record, coconut oil is top-notch oil when it comes to deeply nourish & repair your hair, you must check out the incredible benefits of coconut oil.

Hair Mask

either you can use a homemade nourishing hair mask or a commercial one that is infused with natural oil or nourishing creams to provide optimal nutrients to your hair.

Great! I have done my work to share how to dye your hair white, and how you can take care of your hair to maintain the startling white hair color and super smooth & shiny tresses. Now, it is your job to do white hair dye & nourish your hair afterward. Well, to make things easier for you I have mentioned some best-selling hair products you are going to need to protect your alluring white hair color.

The Best Selling Hair Products To Protect Hair Color 

I understand and value your efforts to get white hair strands. And, I know how important it is to protect your white hairs and keep them soft & silky for long. That’s why I have jotted down some of the best color-protection hair products for you. 

1. Wow Perfect Color Protection Shampoo

Wow Perfect Color Protection Shampoo

This extraordinary shampoo is formulated with the perfect blend of natural oils such as almond & argon and sunflower bio lipids to deeply moisturize your hair without stripping off the hair color. It’s free from harmful chemicals & parabens so you can wash your hair with zero damage.

2. Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray

Now! You can style your hair as you want with the heat protection spray from Tresemme that wraps a shield around your hair strands that protects the hair up to 450F heat. So, go ahead to keep up with the latest hair trends with Tresemme keratin smooth heat protection spray.

3. Wella Professional Invigo Color Brilliance Mask

Wella Professional Invigo Color Brilliance Mask


Don’t let your hair color fade away that you achieve after tough efforts, use Wella professional Invigo color brilliance mask that doesn’t only protect your hair color but also makes your hair smooth, silky, and shiny.

Conclusion: In this article, I have familiarized you with how to dye your hair white with the necessary precautions and ways to provide maximum care to your hair. I hope you loved reading the article and dry your white hair safely at home and keep them healthy by using the essential natural oil & hair mask.