Top 5 Hair Straightening Creams in India (2021)

Hair Straightening Creams

Hair Straightening Creams are worth including in our “must-to-do” list nowadays, as Hair is the best attraction of our overall personality and a big game-changer when it comes to bringing styling in our look. Straight and frizz-free hair can take you to that elegant look which you desire for yourself.

Inversely, frizzy and messy hair can drop you down, no matter how much effort you put into getting ready for the occasion and how you dressed up. 

Many people are also fond of curly hair, even I am too, but curls do not always justify your personality.

Sometimes curls seem to be messy and unbearable to manage, and you have to tie them up and sometimes need to cover them. Opting for straight hair instead makes it easier for you to manage, and goes with every outfit and almost every occasion whether it’s a regular office routine or a party.

Opting for permanent hair straightening looks tempting undoubtedly, but the unpleasant fact is you are not going to afford it for the long run as this can damage your hair permanently.

If we try a temporary hair straightening solution then choosing the flat iron looks easy for us, but, are you ready to iron your hair every single time when you need it, and with the risk of burning your hair as well?

I don’t think it is relevant to invest your time in such a risk. On the contrary, if you pick a straightening cream for hair, it’s time-saving and non-risky too. And is one of the best temporary solutions which allow you to get back to your normal curls whenever you feel like it.

Now, usually, the question arises in everyone’s mind, are these creams safe? Or if any side effects are there?

Hair creams are definitely safe and even gives your hair nourishment too due to the special ingredients present in these creams.

Top 5 High Rated Hair Straightening Creams

Hair straightening creams are what our frizzy hair needs for a long. From improving the hair quality and texture to making it smooth and straight, everything it does without bringing any risk of damage.

There are many straightening creams available in India, so due to the endless options of brands, we are here to help you out in solving your query of which one would be the best for you to pick.

1. Streax Pro

Streax Pro Hair Straightening Cream

Get smooth and frizz-free hair in just a few minutes with Streax pro hair straightener cream. It conditions and nourishes the hair with its protecting and water-resistant features.

It consists of organic silicone solvents that make your hair strengthful and straighter. 

How to use it – To use it, your hair must be clean. Apply it after hair wash, before blow-drying your hair. Your hair must be towel dried, and use a bristle brush to clear all the tangles from your hair.

Now, take a small amount of cream into your palm, then spread the cream in your hands by rubbing and put your hands on the hair, and spread the cream by using fingertips from root to tip.

To make sure that the cream has been spread on your hair properly brush your hair and then blow dry it.

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2. Matrix Opti Straight Resistant

Matrix Opti Straight Resistant

Hair straightening is now risk-free and easier with the products like Matrix opti straight resistant. The formulation of this product is majorly focused to diminish the hair issues like hair fall and breakage.

Through its auto-control technology, it nourishes your hair and prevents its breakage, and supports the hair bonds by creating a bridge in the hair.

3. KMS California Therma Shape Straightening Cream

KMS California Therma Shape Straightening Cream

This cream comes up with a sleek steel pin comb which is specially designed for hair styling with your straight hair.

It gives your hair a smooth and straight appearance that stays up to 72 hours. And reduces the risk of hair breakage. You need to apply this cream to your towel-dried hair, then blow-dry your hair with a round boar bristle brush.

4. Oxyglow Hair Straightener

Oxyglow Hair Straightener

Along with giving your hair a straight and smooth look, it has technologically advanced features that help in treating and protecting your hair from the harsh consequences which the UV rays and heat give to your hair.

The enrichment of unique oils, conditioner, and moisturizing cream make it a 100% quality product that provides full assurance of transforming your hair from curly or frizzy into straight and smooth.

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5. Mayu Brooks

Mayu Brooks Hair Straightening Cream

If you want your hair to look lustrous and straight then this Mayu brooks hair straightening cream is just for you. Its wheat-based formula naturally nourishes your hair and gives you a shiny appearance after its application. The product is suitable for both men and women.