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Indian Sarees

Weddings are one of the biggest booming industries in the world right now. Millions of dollars are being invested by the newlyweds and their families when it comes to wedding attire, wedding decor, wedding locations, wedding catering, wedding cake, and everything possibly imaginable. 

Weddings have become one of the biggest sensations that people follow all over the world and there is always exciting, especially for the wedding dress. In India, Wedding attires are a big deal as they are ethnic and hold a traditional place in the hearts of many. 

Kanjivaram sarees for weddings, Banarasi silk sarees, Organza Sarees, and other such heritage couture are one of the best options being considered for wedding attire these days. Indian Wedding sarees as such have become a sensation worldwide and many people are opting for Indian Heritage attires for their weddings for an ethnic outlook. 

Indian Wedding Sarees

Sarees and Weddings go hand in hand. Sarees are a traditional attire worn by women for generations now. Saree is India’s heritage ethnic wear and therefore, most brides and their families try to include this traditional attire in their wedding ceremonies. 

Saree also has a heritage value in India since sarees made of silk were worn by royalty such as the Chola Kings and Queens, the Mughal Kings and Queens, and in many other dynasties. Silk was a form of luxury and prestige and therefore silk sarees for weddings are considered auspicious and prestigious. 

Silk Sarees also hold a religious place in India as silk is considered to be pure and pious. Silk is offered to gods and goddesses in India and is draped on idols as a form of devotional offering. Therefore wearing a silk saree for weddings is considered religious because of its purity and religious sentiments. There are many different kinds of silk sarees that are used in Indian weddings. Below are the most popular ones:

Kanjivaram Silk Sarees

Kanjivaram sarees for weddings are the best option when it comes to traditional attire in India. Kanjivaram silk sarees are most popular in the southern part of India and are made from the finest quality of silk, once only reserved for the royal kings and queens. 

The new age designers in the field of fashion have come up with trendy and lightweight kanjivaram silk sarees that can liven up any occasion. Unlike the old traditional sarees, the latest designer kanjivaram sarees are suited for the new age brides and are as fashionable as they are traditional. 

It is the perfect balance of both these qualities. There are many websites to purchase the latest designer Kanjivaram sarees online. Ensure that the sellers are authentic and buy only from trusted retailers and brands. 

Banarasi Silk Sarees

Banarasi silk sarees are another gem of India. This silk saree is most famous in the Northern part of India and is considered to be royal, luxurious, and magnificent. Banarasi silk sarees were initially made with heavy zari work with silver and gold threads but the latest designer sarees are more modern with less zari work and/or with lightweight design and motifs. This makes wearing easier and more manageable. 

Muga Silk Sarees

One of the popular pure silk sarees of Eastern India, Muga silk sarees are used by brides as wedding attire. Initially, these sarees used to be mostly in white with simple borders but now the latest designer muga sarees come with exciting color and print options.