8 Fabulous Hair Serums For Oily Hair

Best Hair Serums For Oily Hair

With the weather, heat styling, and chemical products all working against you, fighting frizz can seem like an impossible job. Taming your hair, on the other hand, is a piece of cake if you know your stuff and your hair type. Let’s go and take a detailed look at the best hair serums for oily hair as they are the most troublesome.

Your hair, like anything else, merits all the affection and attention it can get, but this isn’t always possible with a basic ‘shampoo conditioner’ routine.

Besides your face which you carefully cover with a variety of cosmetics, your hair is too subjected to daily harm from pollution, UV rays, bad products and a variety of other factors.

So let us take a brief understanding of what hair serums are and how do they work and then the best serums for oily hair available to you in the market.

What are Hair Serums?

What are hair serums

Hair serum is a fluid hair care product of a much smoother quality than shampoo. When added to the hair, it coats each hair and fills in follicular gaps, leaving the hair sleek and frizz-free.

It also adds shine to the hair and safeguards it from atmospheric assaults. Hair serums serve as a safety layer on the hair in addition to adding impressive shine. It shields the hair from the sun, UV rays, as well as dust, grime, and pollution.

They work perfectly as a styling product for each and every hair problem that can be used to immediately tackle unkempt hair becoming An excellent product for smooth, luscious strands and are recommended by every major stylist in their beauty tips for hair.

These products are packed with vitamins and essential oils and will nurture, preserve, and intensify the quality of your hair by adding shine and softness. It not only serves as a basis for your daily hair care routine but also enhances the desired results.

Let’s move on to the best hair serums for oily hair which can help you battle greasy scalps and dry ends in just a few uses.

8 Fabulous Hair Serums For Oily Hair

1. L’Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Wheat Oil Serum

L'Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Wheat Oil Serum

L’Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Serum with Wheat Oil is formulated for hair that has been compromised by insufficient hair treatment or adverse environmental factors such as the sun, salt, chlorinated water, or heat styling equipment.

This non-greasy, rejuvenating serum is infused with a Gold Quinoa + Protein blend that decreases hair damage and gives it a shinier appearance while still leaving it feeling light.

Hair is more controlled, full of life and shimmer, and well secured from splitting and fraying since using this restoring serum. It’s a leave-in serum filled with wheat oil that immediately nourishes damaged hair, making it smoother and shinier as if renewed.

It’s a non-greasy solution and can be used on wet hair before blow-drying.

2. Matrix Biolage Smoothproof Deep Smoothing 6-in-1 Serum

Matrix Biolage Smoothproof Deep Smoothing 6-in-1 Serum

Smoothproof Deep Soothing Serum by Matrix Bioloage is the ideal easy remedy for coarse, bushy, brittle, and messy hair. This serum for frizzy hair is highly influenced by the water-resistant Camellian flowers which offer humidity protection and anti-frizz softness to your hair even in the condition of 97 per cent moisture.

This hair smoothing serum tames and works beautifully on hair with its soft, non-sticky formula without weighing the hair down. It is a blend of natural ingredients like Avocado, Grapeseed oils, and frizz taming polymers making this serum a paraben-free formula you can also use on colour-treated hair.

3. SP Luxe Oil Reconstructive Elixir For Keratin Protection

SP Luxe Oil Reconstructive Elixir For Keratin Protection

This hair serum improves the aesthetics of your tresses with a Reconstructive Elixir that is made with cutting-edge technology and is a unique combination of exotic oils like Almond, Argan, and Jojoba which not only replenish but soften your hair.

This unique recipe of full keratin defence turns hair dry to silky that looks like it came straight from the salon. It softens weakened and delicate hair without dragging it down, allowing you to style it however you want.

The SP Luxe Oil produces fluid perfection for your hair with soothing and stimulating oils from all over the world, giving you a sparkling shine and glossy finish!

4. Mamaearth Onion Scalp Serum with Onion & Niacinamide for Healthy Hair Growth

Mamaearth Onion Scalp Serum with Onion & Niacinamide for Healthy Hair Growth

Proper maintenance of the scalp is the first step toward safe and powerful hair, and you’re in luck! Mamaearth Onion Scalp Serum & Niacinamide for Healthy Hair Growth will give your hair new life and boost while also preventing premature hair loss.

With this nutritive hair serum, you can bid farewell to brittle hair. Onions are high in natural sulphur, which helps to avoid breakage, broken ends, and receding.

This hydrating recipe includes Red onion, vitamin B, pea sprout, and aloe vera to give you stronger, smoother, and denser hair.

It works by nourishing the scalp, increasing blood circulation, and speeding up the development of healthy hair. Pea sprouts are high in antioxidants, which help to stimulate hair growth and improve hair follicles.

The Mamaearth Onion Scalp Serum is water-soluble and settles quickly without leaving the scalp feeling sticky or greasy.

5. L’oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Liss Unlimited Primrose Oil

L'oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Liss Unlimited Primrose Oil

This vital serum L’Oreal Liss Unlimited Primrose Oil will give you smooth, controllable hair. It controls frizz and makes hair more stable. This formula contains Reflexium, which coats hair in a thin, water-soluble film that makes them look fantastic and voluminous.

It gives hair the perfect gloss and softness. You can use this as a conditioning product to keep your hair smooth and frizz-free. You can also use it as a hair treatment. This serum will make your hair stronger and shinier.

This hair serum guarantees a polished finish by coating each string and is ideal for dense and stubborn hair. It has a beautiful, subtle scent to it.

6. OGX Morocco Argan Oil Penetrating Oil

OGX Morocco Argan Oil Penetrating Oil

Nature’s key to silky beauty is this unique, ultra-lightweight ingredient!

The Argon Oil in this serum is derived from Morocco’s southwest field and permeates the hair follicle quickly to seal in shine and shield it from grooming heat and UV rays, making it easy to straighten or curl your hair at home.

This stimulating oil battles frizz while also strengthening and moisturising rough, brittle hair for silky, lustrous locks. It is not at all animal-tested which makes it an even better choice as a hair serum.

7. Forest Essentials Hair Vitalizer Bhringraj

Forest Essentials Hair Vitalizer Bhringraj

This hair spray is loaded with multifunctional Ayurvedic botanical remedies, which provide optimum anti-breakage properties and helps reinforce hair follicles. It is specifically designed to encourage hair growth and restore hair quality.

It’s a clear, honey-coloured fluid that you can squirt on your scalp every day in between shampoos. It rejuvenates the hair while also preventing hair loss. It is a sulphate-free, paraben-free, and petrochemical-free formulation.

8. Aroma Magic Oily Scalp Balancing Hair Toner Moisturises & Revitalises

Aroma Magic Oily Scalp Balancing Hair Toner Moisturises & Revitalises

This Toner is a unique combination of natural oils that regulate the pH of your scalp and seal moisture into the hair.

Neem leaf and nettle extracts strengthen hair from roots to the ends and encourage cell growth and help revive dull hair. They transform our hair into luxuriant and flowing tresses.

It gives your hair more flexibility and fluffiness while also revitalising dull hair. There are no parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, sulphates, poisonous additives, artificial colouring, or scents in this product.


Hair serums are a necessity in every woman’s product kit. They not only bring shine to the hair but also act as a protective barrier. Using the appropriate hair serum for your hair texture will drastically change the characteristics of your hair.

Hair serum works best on clean and freshly washed wet hair because it locks the most advantages into your hair.

Try these best hair serums for oily hair and let us know how they work for you in the comments below!