5 Best Exercises to Increase Height Naturally

Best Exercises to Increase Height

Have you convinced your heart to compromise with short height? Or you are still on the quest of how to increase height. I know, You haven’t given up yet and you shouldn’t. Because Your height can still get increased no matter what your age is. That’s why we have researched immersively to help you to get taller and we found the 5 best exercise to increase height at home

I know, you are still in doubt about, if working out can make you taller? And it’s intrinsic to be skeptical about it because somewhere we believe in the common misconception that it’s merely impossible to increase height over 18 years. But trust me, there is no evidence that height can not be grown after you turned 19.

Well, height doesn’t only depend on your genes it also depends on the nutrients you have, the environment you live in, and the hormones. We can’t really do much about the genes factor, but we can surely infuse ourselves with the nutrients that help to increase height and we can also activate growth hormones through the right workouts.

Additionally, If you want to feel refreshed and energized throughout the day you must check out the amazing benefits of morning walk.

How to gain height is really an unresolved question. Because no acupressure, yoga, and tonic can guarantee to increase height, but some folks have benefited from it and some haven’t. Maybe the folks who have got taller followed the techniques religiously and consecutively for a long period of time and others didn’t.

If you are also wondering, can exercise make you taller? The answer lies in your efforts. Because it’s impossible to get taller in one night or few weeks. Results will be yielded by being consistent with it.

In addition to that, if you have a chubby face, it can also make you appear shorter, but you can get a beautiful sculpture face by using these effective ways to reduce face fat.

I know, you are ready to give what it takes to grow height. So let me walk through the amazing and effective exercises to grow taller.

5 Best Effective Exercise to Increase Height At Home

It’s intrinsic to be curious about how to grow taller fast, But the truth is there is no such thing as growing your height faster, it takes time because it’s your bones that have to get stronger and longer in order to make you taller. But with patience and deliberate exercise you can get a beautiful tall personality that everyone dreams of.

I think it’s time to uncover the miraculous exercises to increase height.

1. Hanging on Bar

Bar hanging exercises

Hanging Bar is the most popular and effective exercise for sure. You may have noticed adults encourage children to hang on the bar whenever they get a chance. It’s because they also are aware of the efficacy of hanging to grow taller.

It’s a gravity adverse exercise that helps to stretch every joint on your body and helps bones to expand in size. The best thing about the hanging bar exercise is that your body also gets toned along with your height as well as your strength increases drastically.

Steps to Do:

  1. Hang on the bar that is at least 8 feet higher from the ground.
  2. Hold the bar outwardly and tightly.
  3. Relax your body and keep your face upward and your feet at the spine straight.
  4. Inhale from the nose and exhale from the mouth while hanging.
  5. Hang on as long as you can.
  6. Do it at least 3-4 times every day. (you can increase the reps if you want to)

2. Cobra Pose

 Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana for increasing height

Surprisingly, cobra pose which is also known as bhujangasana helps to increase height. It’s the easiest pose that not only helps to increase your height but also good for your lungs and shed off extra fat around the belly.

I know, you are probably wondering about how the cobra pose can be effective to increase your height. Cobra pose is a great stretching pose, it strtches back, lower back, and abdominal muscles that help to maintain a steady body posture.

Steps to Do:

  1. Lie down on your belly while keeping your feet apart.
  2. Place your arms on the ground and lift your chest as you inhale.
  3. Keep your hands straight and your face upwards.
  4. Be in the pose for 60 seconds.
  5. Repeat it 2-3 times.

3. Triangle Pose

triangle pose or trikonasana for increasing height

Does stretching make you taller? If this is something you want to find the answer to. Then, there is a big yes from my side. Because stretching is the only way that can help your bones to get longer. 

Undoubtedly, the triangle pose that is also known as trikonasana is great at stretching your spine, hamstring, calves, hips, and groin that is also considered to be the best stretches to get taller.

Steps to Do:

  1. Stand straight with your legs widely apart.
  2. Raise both hands to the level of your shoulders, keep your hands and fingers straight.
  3. Exhale and Inhale few times.
  4. Now slide your left arm down to your left ankle and keep your right arm horizontally straight. 
  5. Be in a triangle pose for 30 to 60 seconds.
  6. Get in the standing position and perform triangle pose with your right hand down and left hand in a horizontal position.

4. Swimming


Swimming is not only a fun sport but also a highly efficient height increasing exercise that impacts every part of your body. In this summer, you can grow taller while having fun in the water. If you have a swimming pool at your home, it can be the best way of getting taller for you.

Unarguably, swimming is the way to get fitter and taller just by spending a few hours in a day. Moreover, it’s one of the best exercises that helps to stimulate the pituitary gland that produces human growth hormone in the body that is responsible for height increase. 

Well, swimming is an art in floating and moving in water that can only be learned by the right kind of training. It’s advisable to learn swimming from a coach rather than try to learn it on your own.

5. Jump Squats

jumping squats

A perfect combination of high jump and squats can do wonders for your body. Jump Squats is a vigorous exercise that increases heart rate and works with any body parts at the same time. It facilitates the strength of your hamstrings, knees, calves, spine, and arms that are considered to be great height-increasing stretches.

Jump squats effectively cut down your weight and help you to get a toned body, as well as improves your slouching back so that you naturally start to look taller.

Steps to Do:

  1. Get into the standing position and keep your legs apart and your upper body straight.
  2. Sit in the squat position by pushing your hips backward.
  3. Now, jump with full force in the air while keeping your hands open.
  4. Do 10-15 reps.

I hope you enjoyed reading our article on the best exercises to increase height. and it helped you to open the threshold of possibilities to get taller.