10 Benefits Of Sirsasana With Easy Steps

Benefits Of Sirsasana

Benefits of sirsasana are remarkable. Therefore it is called the king of posses, not only because of the advancement & difficulty but also for the incredible benefits shirsasana has for your body, skin, hair, and mind.

Sounds amazing! Right, sirsasana is made of two words sirs + asana. An unparalleled asana that is also called headstand and done having your body upside down and yield staggering results from decluttering the mind to strengthening the muscles upright.

Aren’t you intrigued to know more about the magnificent powers of headstands? Oh!  Great, let me walk you through the amazing benefits of headstands for your achieving greater mind & body health.

10 Incredible Benefits Of Sirsasana

Garnering the benefits of headstand (Sirsasana) is not that easy. If You want to sit on the throne of nirvana, you have to achieve it with continuous practice. 

Yes! Mastering the shirsasana requires time and effort. Don’t worry! Once you become the master of it. Greater health, healthy skin, and a peaceful mind will be there for you to serve you always.

Get ready to be in amazement as you’re going to get insights into incredible sirsasana benefits.

1. Strengthen The Muscles 

Strengthen The Muscles 

Practicing headstand ( sirsasana ) not only strengthens the core muscles but also the muscles of the shoulders, back, hands and spine as well. It significantly improves the posture and brings vitality within. 

As the muscles are getting stronger, you become strong enough to lift the weight, sit & walk in a good posture that is also a sign of the confident body posture everyone likes to be in.

2. Helps In Digestion

good for digestion

Standing upside down imparts gravity effects on your body’s internal organs, blood flow stimulates the lower body part and organs function better.

It helps to release the toxins in the gut and stimulate digestive organs to work at a faster phase, release trapped gas, and regulate the acidic components in the body.

3. Stimulate Pituitary Gland

Stimulate Pituitary Gland

The pituitary gland is the queen of the human nervous system. It releases hormones that affect overall health, body, and mind. 

Proper stimulation of pituitary glands helps to relieve excruciating body pain and headache, nausea and keeps you in a good mood.

4. Good For Diabetes 

Good For Diabetes 

Regulation of insulin determines high or low blood sugar. That depends on how the pancreas is working. 

Sirsanana pose is done upside down that increases blood flow in the pancreas and regulates the levels of blood sugar levels in the body.

It works miraculously to improve the health of diabetic patients. Just requires some practice and you’re on your way to achieve greater health.

5. Release Stress 

Release Stress 

The pesky hormone called cortisol is the culprit of high-stress levels. 

But don’t worry! You can enjoy the state of nirvana every time by reducing the release of cortisol and increasing the leaves of endorphin to be relaxed and enthusiastic.

6. Improves Brain Health

Improves Brain Health

Headstand’s benefits for the brain are outstanding. Being in the upside-down position for a few minutes helps to stimulate proper blood flow in the brain and supply optimum levels of oxygen in the brain cells.

When your brain gets what it needs to be healthy & vital you become more mindful, aware, and productive at everything you do.

Besides, if you wanna level up the oxygen supply in your brain and be invigorated throughout the day you should also check out the benefits of jumping squats and incorporate them into your fitness regime.

7. Uplift Eyes Health

Uplift Eyes Health

Dryness, redness, and poor vision often occur when our eyes don’t get the optimal nutrients they need. 

Don’t fret! It’s feasible to improve vision and eye health by availing benefits of sirsasana for the eyes. 

Drastic uses of digital devices are impairing our eye muscles than ever before and creating excruciating eye problems such as reshoot eyes, dryness, itchiness, and poor vision. It‘s time to give your eyes retreat with sirsasana, and beautify your eyelashes by learning ways to grown eyelashes naturally and fast.

8. Impart Glowing Skin

good for eyes health

Do you know? What’s coming in your way to achieving glowing & radiant skin. 

Of course! Skincare products & regimes influence the way your skin appears but the food you eat that provides you vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids matters a lot.

Regardless, vitamins & minerals toxins in the body spread its effect on skin cells and tissues and bring all kinds of problems such as dull skin, acne, pimples, and signs of aging.

Well, one of the incredible benefits of the shirsasana (headstand) includes making your skin healthy & glowing that doesn’t know what skin problems look like.

9. Get Healthy Hair

makes hair healthy & strong

Strong, silky, and soft hair embellish the beauty of women. 

Undoubtedly, that’s the reason behind everyone dreams of having lustrous hair that brings them admiration.

Now, it’s time to be as happy as Larry. Because your hair is not only gonna look magnificently beautiful, soft as a feather and strong as rope but also gonna be away from dandruff & inflamed scalp. 

Yes! The incredible benefits of a headstand for hair will bring it all to pass.

10. Aids In Weight Loss

Aids In Weight Loss

Strong desire to lose the extra pound is making people jump through hoops. A healthy diet and intensive exercise are not clearly a smooth road for everyone. I

Intensive Pit & pots on the journey of losing weight causes discouragement. But, what if you could lose weight at a faster pace just by taking advantage of sirsasana yoga poses?

Sounds good! Ah, so get your yoga pants and start practicing & enjoying the benefits of the headstand. 

If you don’t know how to do it properly. Fret not! You can follow the small simple steps I have mentioned below for you. Besides, if troublesome love handles are bothering you. It’s time to learn the easy & effective way of how to reduce fat from hips and get rid of them.

How To Do Sirsasana? Easy Steps For Beginners

How To Do Sirsasana

Shirasana takes practice to build strength. If you’re a newbie it’s a huge task to learn how to do sirsasana without support. So, let’s learn the easy way to do sirsasana.

  1. Lay the yoga mate along the wall.
  2. Put a soft cushion on it.
  3. Now, get into the plank position, keep your hand straight on the floor and your legs ready to be raised.
  4. Now place your head on the cushion and hands straight, push your legs towards the wall and straight them.
  5. Place your palms beneath your head and your legs stick to the wall.
  6. Be mindful of your breath and be in the position for 1 minute.
  7. Once you master this you will be able to do it without support as well and can also prolong the duration of your position to for benefits your health, skin, eyes, and brain with shirsasana.

Conclusion: I hope you find the benefits of sirsasana amazing. And start availing great benefits of headstand for your health, eyes, weight loss, skin, and brain as well. Why not make it fun by sharing it with your friends and challenge them to master the headstand. This way you both will be constant and master the headstand for yielding great benefits for overall wellbeing.