8 Mind Blowing Benefits of Saunf Water

Benefits of Saunf Water
8 Mind Blowing Benefits of Saunf Water

Saunf is a common household ingredient found in every Indian kitchen to boost up the deliciousness of food. It is also known as fennel seeds and let me tell you one mind-blowing thing, the benefits of saunf water are not only limited to promoting healthy digestion.

Nevertheless, saunf is a common kitchen staple but it can sweep you off your feet by doing uncommon things for your health. 

Yes! You got it right. Saunf (fennel seeds) is infused with healthy antioxidants, vitamins, and incredible minerals such as magnesium, copper, iron potassium, zinc, fiber, and manganese.

Isn’t it surprising? Having contained these incredible vital nutrients saunf is just known as a kitchen staple. I think more & more individuals need to know the remarkable components saunf possesses. 

Besides, Jeera is also contained with notable ingredients for health. But, sadly only a few people are aware of the amazing benefits of jeera water as well. If you also don’t know, I think, you should definitely check it out.

Well, it was just the nutrients saunf has. Now, it’s time to move forward to get acquainted with outstanding fennel seeds and water benefits for your health, skin & hair.

8 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Saunf Water

The reason why we are the biggest advocate of saunf water lies in its sweet & deciduous taste. Yes! But, the benefits of fennel seeds also come second. It helped me to get rid of my stomach bloating that has been bothering me for years. Thank God! Saunf water exits.

I know! You’re intrigued to know of the benefits of drinking saunf water. So, let’s dive in to discover amazing fennel seeds water benefits for pinnacle health.

1. Healthy Digestion

promote healthy diestion
Healthy Digestion

The digestive system is common to get impaired due to excessive unhealthy food, heavy meals, acid reflux, and slow metabolic rate. Well, big digestion problems can easily be solved with saunf water.

Yeah! Saunf water contains fiber, antioxidants, and minerals that produce robust digestive enzymes. As a result, it makes the digestion process easy for the organs.

But, there is a rule to have saunf water for better digestion you need to follow. Don’t worry! It’s not complicated at all. Just remember to have saunf water after 1 hour of meals. 

2. Work As A Blood Purifier 

purify blood
Work As A Blood Purifier

Fennel seeds are a natural blood purifier. Our body is like a home, and it’s our responsibility to make it clean in order to be healthy and have beautiful skin.

Toxins in the body don’t only affect our health but also steal away our natural skin glow. And, saunf water is the perfect ingredient that helps to flush out toxins from the blood and body. 

Blood purification will surely give you vigorous energy, vital health, and clear skin. So, what are you waiting for to avail such awesome benefits of delicious saunf water?

3. Helps In Weight Loss

promote weight loss
Helps In Weight Loss

Saunf water delivers magical results for shaking off extra pounds. I’m not saying saunf water alone will make you slim. But, it will surely make the process easy and exciting.

Wondering how? Your digestive health determines how fast you burn calories. The faster the digestive process the better your metabolic rate, and increment in metabolic rate related to the fast calories burn.

Yeah! I have just illustrated how saunf water, works for weight loss. Be easy on yourself by availing the benefits of saunf water for discarding excess fat.

4. Control Appetite 

maintain appetite
Control Appetite

Stop! Blaming yourself to be foody. It’s just your abnormal appetite that forces you to do that. If your goal is to lose weight but intense frequent appetite makes it harder for you.

It’s time to get it back on track. Saunf water helps to improve digestion. Neither so fast nor slow an optimal digestive process is required to have you in better shape.

5. Reduce Constipation 

Reduce Constipation 
Reduce Constipation

Constipation is a strong sign of impaired digestion. It leads to stomach bloating, uneasiness, stomach ache, tolls on your happy mood, invites mouth ulcers and skin enemies such as acne & pimples.

For your numerous problems, I have an extraordinary solution. Saunf Water! It’s tasty, easy to use, and alleviates drastic problems with ease.

If you want to make it even healthier and tastier you can even add some mint leaves to it. And, enjoy fennel seeds and mint leaves for better health.

6. Aid Acne & Pimples 

Aid Acne & Pimples 
Aid Acne & Pimples

Flaring up acne and pimples is just not the tip of the iceberg. Even though pimples & acne are common problems among teenagers. But, it can lead to feeling less beautiful and uncomfortable when you want to look gorgeous.

I have suffered from intense acne, and I know how it feels. Like most people, I also spent years treating my acne with topical home remedies & medicine. It helped but didn’t vanish my acne completely. 

Thank god! I realized, sometimes skin problems are caused by internal toxins. And I worked on purifying my blood and flushing out toxins. You can also use saunf water for skin in reducing your acne and use pure aloe vera gel for vanishing existing spots to have phenomenal healthy skin.

7. Improve Eyesight

Improve Eyesight
Improve Eyesight

Fennel seeds have marvelous benefits for the eyes as well. Yes! Fennel seeds are a great source of vitamin A & C which makes them great for the eyes. Besides, fennel seeds water keeps your body hydrated and reduces dry eyes and irritation. If you drink saunf water every day it also helps in improving your vision. 

There are several other saunf water benefits for eyes too.

Besides, if your work requires spending a long span in front of a computer screen. You can use castor oil for eyes to reduce eye strain, dry eyes, itching & irritation, and red shoot eyes.

8. Relieves Menstruation Pain 

Relieves Menstruation Pain 
Relieves Menstruation Pain

Lots of women suffer from menstruation pain and irregular periods. But, you can reduce the pain by having saunf water. It helps to reduce stomach bloating and dial down the pain. And, if you drink it regularly it may benefit you to get your menstrual cycle on track.

Have you found the benefits of fennel water amazing for your health, eyes, and skin? If yes! You surely want to have it the next morning. Let me share the proper way you can make saunf water.

How To Make Saunf Water?

Having robust health, sharp vision, and clear skin couldn’t be easier? Follow the tiny steps to make magical saunf water for you.

  1. Add 2-3 spoons of fennel seeds (saunf water) & one glass of water in a pan.
  2. Boil it for 5-7 minutes.
  3. Let it get a little cool. 
  4. Pour it in glass and have it.

An easy-peasy way of having great health can never get you off track. If you’re thinking about if there are any side effects of saunf water (fennel seeds). Have a bell because there are no side effects saunf water can lead to. You can have 1 glass of saunf water every day.

Conclusion: Saunf (fennel seeds) has always been an integral part of our kitchen ingredients. Now you are aware of the amazing benefits of saunf water for curbing menstrual pain, promoting healthy skin, health and eyes.

Be benevolent, and don’t forget to share the article with your friends or family who need to know the benefits of fennel seeds.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can we drink Saunf water daily?

Yes, you can drink saunf water daily, but you must keep one thing in mind, that you must consume it in limited quantity (1 cup daily will be fine), because excess consumption of anything is not good for health.

Is saunf water good for weight loss?

Yes, saunf water helps in loosing weight.

Does Saunf water cause constipation?

No, instead suanf water helps in getting relieve from constipation.