6 Benefits Of Moong Dal You Need To Know

benefits of moong dal

The invincible superfood is sitting around somewhere on your kitchen shelves. Take it out to avail the amazing benefits of moong dal. Yes! It’s incredibly great for health. Read on to discover its superpowers to provide you peak health.

Moong dal is barely anyone’s favorite among children & youngsters. I also used to avoid it & make faces when my mother would cook it. Until got crazy after being fit as a fiddle that required to have low carbs & high protein diet. Well, I loved the results it got me, and the taste of it seems delightful to me.

I’m sure you might already know how nutritious moong dal is for your health. Every parent encourages their children to have moong dal by trying to remind them it’s healthy for you & finish it all.

So, why don’t you get a deeper knowledge of the nutrients moong dal has and be able to actually make your loved ones & children start loving the benefits of moong dal.

Nutritional Fact Of Moong Dal per 100gms

Here is the list of incredible nutrients you can infuse yourself with having delicious dishes of moong dal. 


Daily Value ( 100g per serving)
Calories Protein 











214 g

14.8 g

38.4 g

15.2 g

0.8  g

31 %

28 %

20 %

17 %

16 %

15 %



It’s not all moong dal provides you with greater health. Incredible vitamins B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, C, K are also found in moong dal to benefit your skin & health immensely. Besides, if you have decided to take a journey towards being healthy & fit but are also afraid to get off track by tedious food. Run through tasty high protein breakfast ideas to have robust health.

Well, it’s time to take a healthier & tastier approach with incorporative moong dal in your diet. Let’s get full steam ahead to learn the benefits moong dal has for your health.

6 Incredible Benefits Of Moong Dal

Moong dal is a nutritional-rich bean that can be easily incorporated into your diet plan. Mostly, vegetarians who want to build muscles are more inclined and get recommendations for adding moong dad in their daily meals. And, if muscle gain is not part of your fitness goal. Have a look at the amazing benefits of mung dal for you.

1. Helps To Lose Weight 

aid in weight loss

Losing weight is something most Indians suffer from. Primarily the cause lies in the excessive oil-enriched diet such as samosa, vada pav, and so on. And, on top of that, our lifestyle forces us to sit around most of the time. 

But, it has extensively adverse consequences. Being overweight is the starting point of cardiovascular diseases. If you want to put brakes on it.  You can start with adding protein-rich moong dal to your breakfast, lunch & dinner. There are numerous recipes you can make out of moong dal and fulfill your daily protein requirements. Yes! Protein is the number one nutritional element that turns fat into solid muscles.

2. Maintain Blood Pressure 

Lower Blood Pressure 

Low & high blood pressure types are detrimental to health. If you experience it often. You should start having food that can provide you with enough manganese, fiber, and iron. And, moong dal is packed with these nutrients. You can have a bowl of moong dal sprouts or cook moong dal for maintaining your blood pressure.

3. Good For Heart 

good for your heart health

Obesity is the biggest foe of the heart. Higher cholesterol leaves can increase the risk of stroke & other heart diseases. In order to make your heart healthy, moong dal can benefit you greatly. It’s low in calories, fat & cholesterol plus filled with protein & fiber for good intestinal health & digestion. 

Additionally, don’t forget to incorporate exercise into your routine. Aerobics, running, and jogging are considered to be the best exercise for cardiac health. But, if you’re not comfortable with them initially, start with a morning walk. 

Yes! Morning walk is as good as jogging & running. If it seems fallacious check out the amazing health & beauty benefits of morning walk & start having healthy steps on your way to being fit & beauiful.

4. Controls Diabetes 

good or diabetes

Being enriched with protein, fiber, magnesium, and iron moong dal is deemed to be great for diabetes. It helps to lower down the insulin levels in the body. And, also contains a low glycemic index of only around 38 GI that is utterly great for diabetic patients. So, start availing benefits of delicious moong dal khichdi, halwa & sports for transforming your health.

5. Promote Healthy Digestion 

Promote Healthy Digestion 

A healthy digestive system is something that makes your heart, body, brain, skin & hair happy & healthy. The improper digestive system is not only hurtful but also impacts overall health. If you’re suffering from acne, hair fall, or feel lethargic without doing much. 

Chances are your digestive health is declining and squeaking for your attention. Infuse yourself with a healthy amount of protein & fiber to make the digestion process easier for your organs. And, get ready to experience moong dal benefits for your health.

6. Good For Pregnancy 

Good For Pregnancy 

In pregnancy, what to eat and what not is always the main concern. Mother-to-be needs nutrition not only for her health & energy but also for the growing baby. 

An optimal amount of Iron, fiber & folate-rich food is prudent for pregnant ladies. And, moong dal contains a great amount of these nutrients. Plus, moong dal benefits in pregnancy by providing vitamins & protein to give mothers energy & vitality. So, what’s stopping you from receiving the astounding nutritional benefits of tasty moong dal?

Conclusion:  Moong dal has been a part of Indian food. You can get enormous benefits of moong dal in innumerable ways. When it’s hot, have moong dal sprouts, cold moong dal chilla, or when you get confused about what nutritious dish you should cook for dinner. Just pick moong dal & find a lip-smcking dish on youtube to wow your family & friends.