8 Outstanding Benefits Of Eating Soaked Chana

Benefits Of Eating Soaked Chana
8 Less Known Benefits Of Eating Soaked Chana

Looking for the benefits of eating soaked chana? Probably, you’re on your way to include some nutritious food in your daily diet and you know what it’s good.

Nutrients rich food is always the finest choice when it comes to losing weight, achieving glowing skin, and keeping disease at a bay.

I must say! If you’re a vegetarian Kala chana can be a blessing to fulfill your daily protein and minerals requirement. Even though Kala chana, which is also known as Kabuli chana benefits your health in many ways. Well, chickpeas are widely famous nutritious dishes in India. But, soaked chana is more nutritious than cooked one.

Let me get you acquainted with the amazing nutritions soaked chana has for you.

Nutritional Values Per 100gms of Chickpeas (Kala Chana)

Chickpeas are infused with an enormous amount of high-quality nutrition which is:


Daily Value  ( 1 Cup Serving )






Vitamin A

Vitamin C



Vitamin B-6





10.7 g

9.6 g

35 g








Doesn’t the above nutrition list of soaked chana clarify why our parents always told us to eat Kala chana? Now! You’re well acquainted with the nutrients and facts of chickpeas and surely can’t wait to learn about the soaked chana benefits. Let’s walk through with me to learn the amazing benefits soaked chana has for your health.

8 Benefits Of Eating Soaked Chana You Need Know About

Dodge off the notion which says greater health requires eating non-tasty food. Because this is what keeps most individuals away from achieving the healthy body they want. Including Kala chana in your daily breakfast can provide staggering health benefits. 

Alongside, if you are tempted to have junk snakes while watching your favorite show. You can turn to delicious roasted sunflower seeds. It is also filled with immense nutrients to support your health goals. If you don’t believe it, I highly recommend you to check out the incredible health benefits of sunflower seeds.

It’s time to get back to the chase and dive into the amazing benefits of having soaked chana for achieving great health.

1. Improves Digestive Health

Improves Digestive Health
Improves Digestive Health

Constipation and poor digestive health don’t only make you feel uncomfortable but also impact cognitive ability, mood and produce pimples and acne on the skin.

But, you don’t have to worry about any of this, because fiber is the component found in soaked chana that helps to keep digestive health on track.

2. Helps To Maintain Healthy Weight

Helps To Maintain Healthy Weight
Helps To Maintain Healthy Weight

Most people are confused about whether eating soaked chana should be used for weight gain or loss. Some recommend it for weight loss and some for gaining healthy weight. None are wrong.

If you do low impact exercises like jogging, yoga, and even morning walk along with consuming soaked chana. You will see drastic results in your body shape. The protein present in soaked chana helps to replace fat in muscles, and thus you can achieve a healthy weight.

Moreover, one of the best benefits of eating soaked chana in the morning is it helps to burn fat & calories faster and gives you energy for doing strenuous workouts. Besides, if you have been eating whatever your hands get on but not getting satisfactory results for gaining weight, follow the best vegetarian diet for gaining weight.

3. Fuels You With Energy

Invigorates You
Invigorates You

Doesn’t it happen to you? When you want to do so much in a day but your body doesn’t support you? You feel lethargic in spite of being motivated. If Yes! Lack of nutrition is the culprit that makes you lazy.

But, you can set the laziness under the bars. By infusing yourself with outstanding plant-based nutrition such as protein, iron, calcium, magnesium, and vital vitamins.

Besides, including carrot juice in your diet, it is also immensely beneficial for your health. The benefits of carrot juice are going to catch you off guard. You must look through it.

4. Controls Blood Sugar 

Maintain Blood Sugar Levels
Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

A sudden spike in blood sugar can deteriorate overall health. And, most foods are high in carbohydrates that induce the production of insulin in the body. 

But, you can keep your blood sugar levels optimum by consuming soaked chana. It’s high in fiber & protein that helps in digestion and keeps the insulin level on normal. Plus, if you’re willing to take fewer calories, getting similar benefits from soaked chana water is feasible.

All you need to do is, extract chana and drink soaked chana water every morning or before going to bed, and you can use chana for making chickpeas & veggies salad that is also great for health. Besides, if you’re in search of low calories or high-protein food ideas, here are tasty protein Indian breakfast ideas.

Makes Hair Healthy And Strong
Makes Hair Healthy And Strong

Premature gray hair and incentive hair fall are probably the results of a lack of iron and protein. What your hair lacks soaked chana is loaded with that. 

You can surely avail the benefits of eating soaked chana for getting healthy hair that looks shiny and silky from the outside and gain strength from the inside.

6. Makes Your Skin Healthy 

Good For Skin
Good For Skin

Do you know? What does your skin need to glow? If don’t, I have the answer. Your skin quenches optimal hydration, skin revitalizing vitamins and protein for repairing cell damage.

There are two ways to provide your skin what it needs. Food comes first, and the second is skincare products. If you’re already using the best skincare products according to your skin type but still experiencing skin problems. 

You might not be consuming the finest food for glowing skin. Mostly, toxins in the body yield skin problems that can easily be eliminated by drinking mosambi juice on an empty stomach. Alongside, the benefits of mosambi juice are far greater than you think for your health, skin, and hair that you must check out.

7. Reduce The Risk Of Cancer 

Reduce The Risk Of Cancer 
Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Cancer is the most daunting disease that enervates the overall health. But, studies have shown, intake of a regular nutritious diet can reduce the chance of developing cancer cells in the body and chickpeas are one of them.

Soaked chana is infused with vitamin B and fatty acids that help to reduce inflammation, and inhibit the growth of tumor and colon cancer cells.

8. Good For Pregnancy 

Good For Pregnancy 
Good For Pregnancy

Iron plays a huge role in the development of a child during pregnancy. And, consuming soaked chana in pregnancy helps to fulfill the requirement of iron. Besides, it’s also good for lactating women for gaining proper nutrition.

After having known the incredible benefits of soaked chana you might be wondering if there are any side effects of Kala chana or not. Okay! Let me clarify your doubt.

Side Effects Of Soaked Chana

Every coin has two sides so chickpeas (Kaala chana) is. Due to containing high amounts of fiber Kala chana is recommended to eat in moderation. 

1 cup of soaked Kala chana is enough for fulfilling your daily nutrition requirement. Excess consumption of soaked chana can lead to diarrhea, stomach bloating, and pain. Besides, If you are allergic to any legume it’s advisable to consult your doctor before you start off consuming soaked chana.

Conclusion: Innumerable vital nutrients for transforming your health are hiding in your kitchen. You just need to recognize the best way to get massive benefits from them. Just like the benefits of eating soaked chana have been unveiled in this article you can find out more incredible vegetarian foods just by being a little curious to know their benefits.


What is the best time for eating soaked chana?

Eating soaked chana in the breakfast is considered as the most preferable time.

Do eating soaked chana helps in losing weight?

Yes, soaked chanas are filled with protien and fibre, that keeps you energized and hunger free for hours.

Can I eat soaked chana daily?

See, basically it depends. If you have a strong digestive system what i mean to say is if you don't counter problems like gastric, etc in your life, then yes for sure you can eat them daily, but remember never over consume it, and vice versa.

How much quantity of soaked chana should I consume on a daily basis?

3/4 cups, but if you are consuming daily, try to take a slightly lower quantity.