10 Incredible Benefits Of Anjeer Only Few Know

Benefits Of Anjeer

Anjeer ( Fig ) belongs to the mulberry family and is rich in outstanding nutrients & delicious taste. It is blended with natural sugar that gives it astounding flowers and is famed as nature’s candy. Figs grow on trees mostly in Asia, and range from colors like purple, yellow, red, and green. On top of that, these little sweet candies called figs offer you amazing health benefits. Keep on reading to discover the surprising benefits of anjeer for you.

Besides, anjeer also has many variants. Where dry anjeer is a part of dry fruits and is available throughout the year, on the other side, juicy fresh anjeer is mostly available in high-end shops in India from May to June and December to January. Both types are delicious & packed with nutrients.

The scrumptious taste of figs is inexplicable, and you can’t tell it but feel it. But, the nutritional value is something you need to know about these sweet little candy figs.

Nutrients Value Of Fig ( Anjeer )

Nutrients Value 

Per 100 g



Dietary Fiber


Vitamin A


Vitamin C


Vitamin E


Vitamin K 






74 kcl

0.75 g

2.9 g


14.1 mg

1 mg

3 mg

232 mg

0.11 mg

35 mg

4.7 mg

0.070 g

0.37 g

0.128 g

0.2 Mg

0.000 mg


Almost all essential nutrients are enclosed in anjeer to offer you great skin, hair, and health. Wanna know what are they? Scroll down to get familiar with the amazing benefits of fig ( anjeer ).

10 Marvellous Benefits Of Anjeer Everyone Should Know About

Ingesting nutritional-rich food seems to be a boring task. But, this is not the case with delicious figs that are packed with healthy nutrients that offer you great benefits. We’re also gonna talk about the different ways to eat anjeer. But, for now. Have a look at these incredible benefits of anjeer for health, skin, and many more.

1. Promote Naturally Glowing Skin 

makes skin healthy

What we ingest determines the health of our skin. Figs are packed with incredible vitamins for glowing skin such as A, B, C, E, and K besides, also containing optimal amounts of protein & minerals. These extraordinary components recover skin’s damaged cells faster, reduce scars, pimples, and signs of aging, improve the skin texture, and bring out a natural glow on the face. 

Isn’t it enough to recognize the extraordinary benefits of nutritious anjeer for your skin? 

2. Strengthen & Nourishes Hair 

provides healthy and stronger hair

Protein, vitamins & minerals these ingredients determine your hair health. Fortunately, you get all enclosed in the optimal amount in figs. Thus, anjeer benefits for hair are worthy to get.

Consuming anjeer every day satiates your hair’s nutrition requirement, strengthens the hair follicles, and nourishes hair strands deeply. Well, Nourished locks & stronger roots are less likely to get dandruff & fall relentlessly. But, for keeping your scalp clean & dandruff-free, it’s recommended to use moisturizing shampoo for dandruff and frizzy hair.

3. Aids Weight Loss

helps in weight loss

Want to lose weight? Start having the benefits of figs for weight loss. These utterly delicious foods are rich in dietary fiber, low in fat & calories, and other beneficial nutrients. Eating 2-3 figs per day as a snack helps to curb appetite, offers you energy, and improves digestion. This is how eating anjeer everyday benefits in weight loss. 

Alongside, drinking Triphala water first thing in the morning is also famed worldwide to lose weight. For knowing more, hit on the benefits of Triphala for weight loss.

4. Moderate Blood Pressure 

regulate blood pressure

Figs are enriched with a high amount of potassium. And, potassium is proven to regulate optimal blood pressure. Those who suffer from high or low blood pressure should eat 2-3 figs every day to keep their blood pressure in check.

5. Makes Bones Stronger

Makes Bones Stronger

Infusion of outstanding minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium are present in abundance in figs. Therefore, consuming soaked anjeer, dry or fresh regularly strengthens your bones, and relieves joint pain.

6. Keep Your Heart Healthy 

good for heart health

Figs are free from cholesterol which is also known as the enemy of a healthy heart. In addition to that, figs contain rich antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein to support your heart health.

7. Cure Constipation 

Cure Constipation 

Digestion disorders are commonly annoying and lead to other severe problems later on. But, you can cease that to happen by involving figs in your daily diet. Digestive health benefits of anjeer ( figs) are incredible due to being packed with an abundance of dietary fiber that eases the digestion process and cures constipation.

8. Regulates Blood Sugar 

Regulates Blood Sugar 

The chlorogenic acid and potassium sealed in anjeer are highly beneficial for type- diabetes. These awesome components help to regulate blood sugar & glucose levels in the body and keep diabetes in control.

9. Good For Dental Health

Good For Dental Health

Not only body, hair, and skin but figs are great for keeping your teeth healthy. It contains flavonoids and phytochemicals that help to fight germs & bacteria, prevent cavities and make teeth stronger. Besides, if you want sparkling white teeth, switch your regular toothpaste to the best whitening paste for teeth to smile bright.

10. Good For Respiratory Health

Good For Respiratory Health

The goodness of amazing vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, fiber, and other incredible nutrients helps to curb lung infections, cures sore throats, phegums, and enables you to breathe optimally for great mental & physical health.

Aren’t these amazing benefits of delicious anjeer encourage you to add it to your diet? If yes! Look through the different ways to eat figs for achieving extraordinary benefits.

How To Eat Anjeer 

Here are the 4 ways you can get benefits from delicious anjeer.

Soaked Anjeer: if you’re looking for how to eat anjeer for weight loss and healthy skin. This is the best way to get optimal protein, vitamins & minerals. All you need to do is, let anjeer sink in water for 2-3 hours.

Drink Anjeer Water: Benefits of drinking fig water are great for health, skin, and everything else in between. If you don’t want to ingest calories, just drinking anjeer water will provide you amazing nutrients.

Raw Anjeer: Fresh anjeer is also good for your health. But, it is only available for a few months a year. So, don’t miss the chance to enjoy raw anjeers delicious taste and extraordinary benefits.

Dry Anjeer: Dry anjeers are available the whole year, and you can consume them as a nutrient-dense snack in the office, at home watching tv, or whenever or wherever you want.

Conclusion: Feeling lethargic is not related to procrastination every time. Maybe you lack the energy to get your important work done or certain diseases like blood pressure, blood sugar, constipation, and other health problems slow you down & put you in discomfort. Well, whatever heath, skin, hair, and dental issues you’re going through. 

Consuming anjeer will help to cure them to an extent. If you liked the amazing benefits of anjeer, share it forward to help your friends & loved ones out of health, skin, dental and hair problems anjeer can cure.