6 Hair care Tips to keep your hair healthy in 2021


Hair plays an important role in women’s beauty and women crave long and healthy hair. Here are our expert tips to keep them strong, shining, and healthy. 

6 Haircare Tips to keep your hair healthy in 2021

1. Brush before washing

A gesture that helps (and a lot) to maintain the health of your hair is to brush your hair not only at night, but also before washing it. This way you prevent it from tangling in the wet, undo knots that could make it difficult for the shampoo to penetrate and also facilitate subsequent detangling (precisely when the hair is wet it is in its weakest state and with a greater tendency to break). It is said by Maria Baras who fondly remembers what was one of her mother’s first beauty tips . “I remember her combing out hair before bathing me and my two sisters, one after the other. I did it with Mason Pearson’s brushes of natural bristles that I bought in Paris. Imagine, it was a lot of work with three girls, but it is very important, especially when it comes to a girl’s fine hair ”, she explains.

2. The water’s temperature

Who has not heard (more than once) how good it is for the hair to do the last rinse with cold water should raise your hand. And although this gesture is more than recommended and true (cold water stimulates blood circulation and closes the cuticle, which translates into shinier hair), the temperature of the water with which you do all the washing is also important. And although it is not necessary that all the washing is done with cold, yes it is, it is lukewarm because, as he explains Rafael Artero , shampunier of Pantene , “the cold does not dissolve the fat and hot water damages your hair” 

3. Do not rub (please)

Although it is a generalized belief (to rub the hair vigorously believing that the lather, the more effective the wash will be), the Pantene shampunier confirms that it is wrong and counterproductive. The motives? “By rubbing the scalp you will activate the sebaceous glands and a rebound effect will be produced. What really cleanses the hair is the shampoo. The function of the fingers is only to distribute the shampoo over the entire scalp ”, he explains. Therefore, the correct way to wash your hair is to apply the shampoo only at the roots and without raising the rest of the mane to the top of the head (a gesture that, surely, you do frequently). It is also important, before applying the shampoo, to wet the hair with warm water.

4. A wide barbed comb

Although it is necessary to detangle the hair when it is wet, it is important to remember that this is the state of greatest fragility. Hence, it is essential to know how to choose the type of brush to use. At this time, Eduardo Sanchez , from Maison Eduardo Sanchez , recommends betting on combs with wide spikes. “Start combing the ends and work your way up to the roots,” he explains. Save the brush (much better if it is with natural bristles) “for when the hair is completely dry,” explains Philip B.

5. Change shampoo and Hair Serums

Another popular belief that may be playing tricks on you: changing shampoo “so that the hair does not get used to it.” As Maria Castán , Wella’s global scientific expert, explains , this conviction that hair becomes immune to the benefits of the same shampoo is wrong. “The truth is that there is no scientific evidence to prove this belief. If we speak from a biological point of view, the hair (the capillary fiber) has no life, therefore, it does not hurt when we cut it, and it is for this reason that it is not possible for it to get used to something. It is just the perception of how the hair responds to a known product or a new one ”, he explains. So if it works for you, don’t change it.

Similarly, other hair care products and serums should be replaced if necessary. We recommend using Streax hair Serum for better hair care. 

6. An oil, please

Masks and conditioners help but, without a doubt, the treatments that can repair hair without cutting it are oils. It is said by two great gurus, Eduardo, an absolute fan of oil treatments to repair the hair fiber and its breakage. And Philip B, who recommends them with fervor “if you are a slave to the dryer or the irons. Or if your hair has been damaged by chemical treatments. 

Healthy hair starts at the root. The root is the healthiest part of the hair, which becomes more dehydrated the further it is from the scalp. The oil restores the content of each hair fiber, making each one translucent again, producing that wonderful shine that healthy hair can show off ”, explains Philip B. How to apply oil treatments? Twice a week, strand by strand and, if you can, let it act for 20 minutes to several hours. “You can enhance its effect by adding a source of heat such as a dryer, a film wrap, or a hot towel,” he explains.